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Reports: Ezekiel Elliott Is Denying Allegations

After accusations of domestic violence against Elliott surfaced Friday morning, more information continues to shine light on to the situation.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today it was reported a police report was filed in Columbus, Ohio alleging Ezekiel Elliott was involved in a domestic violence incident  with his ex-girlfriend. We reported on the facts as we knew them here.  For a complete view of what happened with the police, here is the pertinent part of the police report.

One thing we do know is that the NFL will be investigating the incident.

As the morning has passed, local media has picked up the story and begun gathering information. It appears there is going to be pushback from Ezekiel Elliott as to the veracity of the claims. Here is the latest information from local reporters.

Also, Clarence Hill reports that Elliott claims the bruises to Tiffany Thompson, the woman making the allegations, were the result of a bar fight Ms. Thompson was involved in.

[UPDATE]: Here is audio of the 911 call made after the incident.

As of now, we have two people stating their side of the issue. We urge everybody to keep an open mind about this case until all of the facts are brought forward. As of this point, we probably don't have all the information we will have after a few days, so patience with the process is warranted.

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