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Cowboys News: Ezekiel Elliott Accused of Domestic Violence, Denies Allegations

Ezekiel Elliott dominated Cowboys headlines yesterday, but that's not the only thing that happened in Cowboys Nation.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ezekiel Elliott denies Ohio woman's claims of domestic violence - Kate Hairopoulos, SportsDay
Hairopoulos provides as comprehensive a rundown about the whole Elliott situation as you'll find anywhere. The nuts and bolts:

A onetime girlfriend from Ohio is accusing Ezekiel Elliott of assaulting her on multiple occasions.

According to the police report that alleges assault while in her car, the woman told police she had pain in her right wrist and a red mark but declined medical treatment.

Police interviewed four witnesses, all of whom said they didn't see an assault. One of the witnesses was in the car when the alleged incident occurred.

The woman listed her occupation as "sex slave" in one police report.

If you're looking for additional coverage, these articles - in sequence - provide convenient summaries of events so far:

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Reports: Ezekiel Elliott Is Denying Allegations - Blogging The Boys

NFL will investigate Ezekiel Elliott allegations - ProFootballTalk

The original Columbus police report - The Star Telegram

Michael Irvin Reports Ezekiel Elliott Tells Him He Didn't Go Within 10 Feet Of Accuser - Blogging The Boys

Elliott’s Father Issues Statement: Allegations Are "Completely False" - Dallas Cowboys


Making the Leap: Cowboys FS Byron Jones - Kevin Patra,
Kevin Patra explains why Byron Jones is about to make his mark as the playmaking ballhawk the Dallas Cowboys desperately need.

Given Jones' move to safety on a full-time basis, we expect the defense to force more turnovers. While he might not morph into an Ed Reed-type playmaker in his second pro season, the interceptions will come as he gets more comfortable eyeing the quarterback and making quick breaks on the ball.

With his athleticism, speed and versatility, Jones will become the biggest playmaker for a Cowboys secondary in desperate need of game-changing performers.

Why Jerry Jones will get into the Hall of Fame - Mike Freeman, Bleacher Report
Freeman highlights how the Cowboys' financial success that has them ranked No. 1 in the world stands in stark contrast to the lack of success on the field, but that Jones is HoF-bound regardless.

The Forbes ranking shows, again, the duality that is Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. He's made the team into a financial success story, but the team hasn't won a Super Bowl since 1995, when Barry Switzer led Dallas to a title with a core of players assembled largely by Jimmy Johnson, who left two seasons before.

For now—right now—Jones' legacy remains one of the cash king. He's been a moneymaker and a longtime NFL power broker. That is why he will get into the Hall of Fame, and deservedly so.

Yet in terms of winning games and championships, Jones' Cowboys have been remarkably mediocre. That might change this season. It will need to change if Jones' legacy as football man is to come close to that of his record as a businessman.

Dez Bryant vs. Orlando Scandrick at top of Dallas Cowboys camp battles - Todd Archer, ESPN
In this week's mailbag, Archer looks at Lance Dunbar's role, whether the Cowboys should sign Dwight Freeney, and the best training camp battles, for which Archer is asked to choose between LB, RB, or WR.

I don't see a lot of starting spots open. It's my belief Justin Durant was signed to be a backup linebacker, not a starter.

I don't think Terrance Williams loses his receiver job to Brice Butler.

I don't know what kind of running back battle people were expecting.

Defensive end has the most uncertainty, but the battle is between Benson Mayowa, Charles Tapper, Ryan Russell and David Irving. That's vital, clearly, but not exactly exciting.

But I want to take this answer in a different direction but still being a training camp battle. I'm looking forward to seeing Dez Bryant going against Orlando Scandrick. They're both healthy and want to prove they're back. I want to see Jason Witten against Byron Jones. In the spring, Witten won a lot. Can Jones close the gap on the veteran? I want to see Sean Lee against Ezekiel Elliott. A few years ago the Lee-DeMarco Murray battles were pretty epic. Elliott will have to bring it against Lee.

Cowboys' move to lock up Dan Bailey looks smart 2 years later - Todd Archer, ESPN
Based on the contract the Baltimore Ravens just gave Justin Tucker, the Cowboys' once-criticized seven-year deal for Dan Bailey looks like a bargain, Archer explains.

Tucker received a $6 million signing bonus on his four-year, $16.8 million deal, which included $10.8 million guaranteed.

In 2014, the Cowboys signed Bailey, an undrafted free agent, to a seven-year deal worth $22.5 million that included $7.5 million guaranteed. At the time, the Cowboys were criticized in some circles for a seven-year deal to a kicker.

The Cowboys knew Bailey’s importance to the team, considering how many close games they play, and they were willing to take the chance. Since signing the deal, Bailey has become the most accurate kicker in NFL history and was named to the Pro Bowl after last season.

Who Do You Trust On Dallas Cowboys? - Ben Grimaldi, Cowboys Nation
I clicked on this article hoping for a ranking of the writers at, which would have been a fun offseason question. Instead it's about Cowboys players, and Grimaldi wonders who you would trust to come through in the clutch outside "the obvious answer" Tony Romo.

VIDEO: Jason Witten 1-On-1: Room To Improve After 13 Years? - Dallas Cowboys
Jason Witten sits down with Nick Eatman for an exclusive 1-on-1 to discuss his feelings going into his fourteenth season and working with the young tight ends.

Browns add Nick Hayden - Zac Jackson, ProFootballTalk
The Browns announced the signing of former Cowboys DT Nick Hayden Friday. Cleveland needed help after defensive end Desmond Bryant suffered a torn pectoral earlier this month.


Goodbye, friends: Eight lessons learned while writing for Big Blue View - Alex Sinclair, Big Blue View
Sinclair, formerly of Pro Football Focus and until most recently a writer for our friends at BBV, has decided to retire from writing at BBV. In his farewell note, he candidly writes about what drove him away from PFF and into the waiting arms of BBV. Interesting read that provides some additional insight into how things are run at PFF.

Cowboys Draft Board Proves They Aren’t Completely Terrible And That The Eagles Are - Cadillactica, Hogs Haven
This is a new take on the leaked draft board posted on BTB earlier this week, but it's one we don't disagree with in the slightest.

In my less than professional opinion I think this was a pretty solid board overall. I agree with most of their harsher ratings of defensive backs (James Bradberry in the second Carolina? Really?) but disagree with other ratings like Eli Apple being a top 10 pick.


Only Carson Wentz represented real value according to this board. The Eagles third round pick Issac Seumalo was rated as a late 4th rounder on the Cowboys board and the rest of the Eagles selections are missing in action. Trading up is terrible for the team. Take it from a Redskins fan.


Odell Beckham: Josh Norman "so relevant" because of me - Josh Alper, ProFootballTalk
Beckham is very, very, very full of himself.

In an interview for the August 2016 edition of GQ, Beckham shared his opinion that Norman signing with the Redskins is "for sure" about his presence in the division.

"It goes back to what I was saying," Beckham said. "If I wasn’t playing him twice a year, maybe people wouldn’t bring it up as much. But now it’ll be a lot more media attention for him, attention that I don’t really look for, attention that I don’t need. The reason he’s become so relevant is because of me."

Odell Beckham Jr.: Teammates didn’t have my back against Carolina Panthers - Dan Benton, Giants Wire
And while he's at it, Beckham saw fit to throw his teammates under the bus. In Dallas, people have been called locker room cancers for a lot less.

"There weren’t a lot of people who, so to say, had my back during that game, that’s for sure. In my opinion," Beckham Jr. told GQ Magazine. "Their team was up, 35–7. And I’m competitive. I don’t like to lose. We’re sitting there, and people are thinking about what we’re doing after the game."