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Would The Cowboys Be Interested In Signing Nick Foles?

With Nick Foles released from the Los Angeles Rams, could the Dallas Cowboys have interest?

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One position that is extremely important to the Cowboys, and every team in the league, is the quarterback position. Tony Romo is obviously the guy at the position, but he is age 36 and he has endured three major injuries in the past few years. The Cowboys would be wise to make sure that the best possible player is behind Romo just in case another injury happens to their star. It doesn't have to be a long-term injury either, sometimes a team needs a backup to keep things going for two or three games.

A couple months back there were rumors that the Cowboys had interest in Nick Foles.

However, weeks went by and the Cowboys instead went the route of the draft by selecting Dak Prescott out of Mississippi State in the fourth round. But while Prescott has made strides since entering the Cowboys' organization, there's a strong possibility that he will not be ready to play in 2016. And if that is the case, the Cowboys will have to keep three quarterbacks on the roster, leaving Kellen Moore and Jameill Showers to fight it out for the backup quarterback spot.

Foles was released by the Los Angeles Rams late Wednesday afternoon. And while the Cowboys are reportedly fine with keeping Moore as their backup quarterback, there's no question as to who is the more experienced quarterback between Moore and Foles. Unlike Moore, Foles has played more than just a small sample size in the NFL.

In fact, there was a time where Foles was one of the better quarterbacks in football. His MVP-like season in 2013 proved to be a fluke as defenses starting keying in on his weaknesses and exposing him. Since then, Foles has shifted to low-end starting quarterback/premier backup at his position. By signing Foles, the Cowboys would make it clear that they are serious about improving the talent and insurance behind Romo. But Clarence Hill of the Star Telegram seems to believe that Foles would likely be out of the Cowboys' price range.

While Foles isn't a quality option to start by any means, he will likely provide some consideration from many teams across the league. One team that has interest is the New York Jets.

The Cowboys will likely not get into a financial battle over a player that would not contribute unless there is injury for them. But if a week goes by and the market for Foles is presumably dry, maybe Foles lowers his asking price and the Cowboys do become the perfect fit for him. Having Foles would upgrade the insurance policy for the Cowboys in case there is any injury to Romo.

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