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Don't Call It A Comeback: Ranking Tony Romo's Fourth-Quarter Comebacks (#16)

Over the next several weeks before training camp, let's relive some of Tony Romo's best comeback stories. Back in 2012, an old rivalry was renewed, if only for a day.

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[In the ten seasons that Tony Romo has been the starting quarterback, he's engineered some great fourth-quarter heroics to bring the Cowboys to victories. Since 2006, no quarterback has had more fourth-quarter comeback victories, 25 to be exact, than Tony Romo. His passer rating in the final quarter of football is an astounding 102.9, five points higher than the number two guy (Aaron Rodgers). Romo also holds the mantle of most game-winning drives among active quarterbacks (29) as well as passer rating in the final two minutes (93.1).

Over the next several weeks before the team heads out to Oxnard and starts it all up again, I thought we could take some time to look back at Mr. Clutch Quarterback himself. We're going to rank all of his comeback tales from good to great, from awesome to completely amazing. Here's looking at you, Mr. Romo.]

16. Romo Outduels Ben Roethlisberger In Overtime (Dec. 16, 2012)

As we entered December of the 2012 season, the Cowboys were trying to keep pace in the race for the NFC East at 7-6 as the Steelers were trying to do the same with the Bengals and Ravens of the AFC North. This was perhaps one of the best victories of the season as it came with some bragging rights for the old Steelers-Cowboys rivalry. I remember this game as the one that validated the pickup of Brandon Carr in the offseason.

The Steelers first drive wasn't much as Roethlisberger kept looking for space downfield but the Cowboys' secondary was ready. Romo responded with a 17-yard out to Miles Austin on first down. In three plays, DeMarco Murray picked up 22 yards rushing and the Cowboys were off to a good start. However, the Cowboys' had thought they had Austin for 11 more yards and a first down but the Steelers challenged the play and it was overturned. Romo tried to find Bryant but the play wasn't there and the Cowboys' kicked a 50-yarder to go up 3-0.

The Steelers were able to get into Cowboys' territory in four plays on the following drive. Roethlisberger found Mike Wallace on a 12-yard pass on third down, this time, the Cowboys challenged the play and it was overturned forcing a Pittsburgh punt.

The ensuing Cowboys' drive is moving well as Romo finds Austin three straight times for 8, 19, and 12 yards respectively. On 2nd and 7 from the Pittsburgh 7, Murray runs up the middle for -1 as James Harrison forces him to fumble and we have our first turnover. Thankfully, the Steelers aren't able to make anything of it.

As the second quarter begins, the Steelers punt the ball back to the Cowboys. Romo goes right back to work as he carves through the Steeler secondary with passes to James Hanna of 16 and 29 yards. On first and 10 from the Steelers 17, Romo finds Witten for 17 yards and the score to go up 10-0.

The Steelers drive down to the Cowboys' red zone with a nine-play drive from Big Ben. At the Dallas 14, Roethlisberger is incomplete on two straight throws and they have to settle for a Shaun Suisham 32-yard field goal to get on the board, the score is 10-3 Cowboys with six minutes in the half.

The next Cowboys' drive is dreadful after the offense is called for three penalties and the Cowboys punt it back with 2:11 to play in the half. Big Ben then starts finding his way after he's hitting receivers all over the field in the two-minute offense. On 2nd and 10 from the Cowboys 30, Ben throws a 30-yarder to a wide open Heath Miller and the Steelers have tied this one before the half.

Both the Cowboys' and Steelers' drives to open up the second half are failures and Dallas goes back on offense with over 11 minutes in the third. Romo goes 3-3 for 26 yards before he's sacked by Lawrence Timmons. Facing a 2nd and 23, Romo finds Dwayne Harris for 18 yards. He picks up the first with an 8-yarder to Cole Beasley, connects with Austin for 13 yards and then finds Dez Bryant for 24 yards and the X is going up in this one. Cowboys lead 17-10 with 6:10 in the third.

The Steelers' next drive doesn't start well with Marcus Spears getting the sack on Big Ben, though it took about a decade to get him down. On the very next play, Ben completes a pass to Mike Wallace for 60 yards and Jonathan Dwyer runs in the last one yard for the score and we're all tied up again, 17 all.

The Cowboys fail to get their next drive started and have to punt it back to Pittsburgh. Big Ben picks up where he left off as he starts dicing up the Cowboys again. Wallace gets right around Mike Jenkins for 20 yards and then Ben finds Jerricho Cotchery deep for another 21 yards. Two plays later, Ben hits Antonio Brown for seven yards and seven points. Pittsburgh takes the lead 24-17 inside the fourth quarter.

After another penalty-driven possession, the Cowboys punt it back to Brown who gashes up the field for 22 yards. However, as Brown tries to wiggle away, he's caught by Victor Butler who forces the fumble and John Phillips recovers it at the Pittsburgh 44.

Romo goes 3-3 for 39 yards with Murray running it in at the Pittsburgh 3 and tying this game for the third time. Ben takes the next drive into Cowboys' territory but is sacked by DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer on 3rd and 4. Dallas can't do anything with their next drive and Roethlisberger is sacked two more times before they punt it back to Dwayne Harris who takes it up the field for 39 yards with only 1:01 left to play. The Steelers can't move the ball and the clock runs out and we're headed to overtime.

The Steelers win the toss and gain 7 yards on first down. However, looking for Mike Wallace, Big Ben tosses an interception to Brandon Carr who runs it back 36 yards setting up the Dan Bailey 21-yard field goal and the overtime victory.

Romo finished the game at 30-42 for 341 yards, two touchdown passes, and an 111.3 passer rating. The Cowboys would also improve to 8-6 but lose the final two games, including a divisional showdown for the NFC East crown in Week 17 at Washington.

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