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Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Report: Offense Starts Hitting Back With Or Without Zeke & Others

Here's a quick rundown of the Cowboys practice in Oxnard this afternoon.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get into the musing from today's practice, Ezekiel Elliott is still sitting out with a tight hamstring. It has been about a week since the tweak but understand that soft tissue injuries take precaution. Still, it's a little discouraging that neither he or Darren McFadden have done anything in training camp. Jason Garrett spoke about both in his presser this afternoon:

The Cowboys started off the day with some roster moves. They claimed offensive lineman Mike McQueen off waivers from the Chargers and they waived wide receiver Ed Eagan. McQueen has college experience at both left tackle and left guard. Eagan may have been a pet cat of some around BTB but Nick Eatman said clearly "he's got practice squad written all over him."

Lately, most of the focus has been on the defense and we would be remiss if we didn't admit that there is certainly a different swagger to this bunch. Though just about everyone has written them off, Jerry Jones spoke with 105.3 The Fan and made his feelings clear:

If you remember, that defense had 31 takeaways to its name, so, excuse me if I prefer to wait and see. One last nugget before we begin, our resident German, and everyone's favorite, O.C.C., with the best t-shirt award! Side note: We all miss you, Rabble!

Maybe we should keep an eye on this kid, apparently, he's catching the eye of our BTB boys and he's been described as a relentless competitor. Maybe he can become a Sean Lee-lite?

Another Cowboys' linebacker was welcomed to practice as he works his way into football shape:

All I'm going to say is that Tyrone is ready. Mama, there goes that man:

Probably the best play of the day came from Mr. Prescott (my pet cat) as he felt the pressure, he had to adjust.

Be careful what you say to this defense as Dez Bryant found out talk is cheap:

Now, this is certainly a sight for sore eyes, you go Scandy!

After being beaten up most of the week, the offense finally started making things happen:

And the defense wasn't happy about giving up some ground in the battle that they've been winning for the most part lately:

It was finally a day where the offense started hitting back with regularity. The defense was not happy and they certainly had a frustrating day:

Stay tuned for the full report a bit later. Also, the "Playmaker" was in attendance and will speak with Dez Bryant after practice, you will certainly find that on NFL Network.

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