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Play Fantasy Football Against Your Fellow Blogging The Boys Readers

It's that time again!

NFL: New York Jets at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy Football is back at Blogging The Boys on Yahoo Sports!

If you are a fantasy junkie like myself, then this is your opportunity to put your skills on display against your fellow BTB compadres. I have created a Blogging The Boys league that you can access right here.

The scoring settings are your standard values; nothing fancy. The positions are also basic with a 2 RB/3 WR set. The draft is on September 3rd at 7 pm EST, which is the last Saturday before the regular season begins. That way, everyone gets a good look at that all-important week three of preseason where fans get the best look at all the starters.

Free agency will work using the free agent acquisition budget (FAAB). This has been the popular choice in recent years. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s really easy and you’ll love it. It works as follows: rather than people taking turns having first crack at the top free agent prospect each week, managers will have to $1,000 of funny money to spend on free agents throughout the year. It’s a silent auction where the top bidder wins the player. This gives us all some GM power that extends past the draft. Just like Jerry and Stephen Jones, you get to decide where your money goes.

This league is likely to fill up fast, but don’t let that stop you. Feel free to go to Yahoo Sports and create your own league and link the info in the comments section.

Which one of us will get Ezekiel Elliott? He won’t last long in this league.

Who’s going to get a good value pick of Tony Romo? Probably nobody, considering we’re all privy to his real value.

And is Dez Bryant the first WR taken in the draft? He might get overlooked in other leagues, but not among the Cowboys fan base.

Good luck, fantasy footballers. Let’s see what you got!

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