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Cowboys Training Camp: Full Recap From Monday’s Practice

The Cowboys returned to action on Monday as they begin their last three days in Oxnard. Here are the highlights from camp.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-OTA Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys were back at it on Monday after their impressive 24-28 loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday. It felt like a victory for a few reasons, including the stellar play of rookie, Dak Prescott, but most importantly - coming away without any significant injuries.

Cowboys rookie cornerback, Anthony Brown has a sore hamstring from Saturday’s game so he did not practice today.


I was recently on the SB Nation Radio Show and was asked to talk about Dak Prescott’s performance. Clearly, it was a superb outing, but many of us fans have a tough time putting it in perspective. We’ve been so starved for good quarterback play from anyone not named Tony Romo, that we are at a loss for how we should feel. I equated it to being stuck in traffic and seeing a giraffe walk by. Undoubtedly, you're impressed, but you’re still not sure how to process it? Some are controlling their excitement, recognizing he’s only played one half of NFL football. Others have him penciled in as the team’s next franchise quarterback.

Dak Prescott

Those Cowboys fans. Such jokers.

The rookie quarterback went back to work today after a brilliant debut performance against the Rams. If you haven’t seen the video of all 12 of his passes, where have you been? We’ve given you plenty of opportunities. Now, you’re out of luck because they’re nowhere to be found. Just kidding, here it is (VIDEO).

I told you we were jokers.

Dak playing catch with his coach.

Still dialed in with his throws.

And he was a dual threat in college, so they haven’t touched the surface on what he can do with his legs.

Ezekiel Elliott

Zeke wasn’t able to practice with the team today, but he did work on some individual things. He should be able to return to a full practice on Tuesday.

Alfred Morris

The Cowboys new free agent running back had a nice game on Saturday. Beside a couple strong runs, he also had a nice screen for 12 yards on third down to keep the chains moving. While he’s shown some improvement, he’s still got a lot of work to do.

But he did a good job picking up a blitz.

One of the things I love about Morris is his quick and accurate judgment when choosing his running lane. He seems to always guess right.

Rod Smith

The Cowboys ran a two-back set against the Rams and it wasn’t just to provide some additional blocking. Smith had a nice catch for a positive gain and could be worked more into the offense.

Dez Bryant

It just has one of those feels that this season Dez is going to wreak havoc all over the league. Maybe it’s all the one-on-one coverage he’ll be getting or maybe he’s just really good at catching footballs. Both of those things together don’t bode well for his opponents.

Terrance Williams

The Cowboys number two receiver had a great game against the Rams. He’s doing a lot things well so far in camp, but on this play it is hard to tell if he catches the ball with his hands...or his body. That’s TWilly for you - he likes to keep us guessing.

He had a great practice today as he was Romo’s favorite target. He would haul down three straight strikes from Romo that were thrown in tight coverage. Williams has exhibited great concentration this year which has been one of the big gripes people have had with him.

Cole Beasley

You hit this kid in stride and he’s going places. Watch how fast it takes him to get to you on this play.

Brice Butler

The Cowboys receiver continues to have good chemistry with Romo. He shows off some nice hands on this play.

There will be no Andy Jones clips today because when I show them, all we do is get excited and end up looking silly later. (seriously though, there weren’t any)

Chaz Green

The second-year swing tackle received a lot of scrutiny for his miscues on Saturday. That comes with the territory when you are selected in the third round and haven’t shown anything yet. He’s still learning, but he had a good showing on this play.


The Cowboys may have had to sit Brown due to injury, but there’s some good news - guess who’s back in action?

Maliek Collins, Benson Mayowa, and Damien Wilson all passed their physicals and returned to the practice field. So, let’s touch on those guys first:

Maliek Collins

Benson Mayowa

Benson Mayowa is back after being out since he had a scope on his knee three months ago. He is excited to get back on the field.

"You want to get out there and get the chemistry and rush together,'' said Mayowa, who was plucked from Oakland's roster by a three-year, $8.25 million offer sheet during free agency. "That's how you get sacks. Rushing together, knowing what your buddy on the side of you is going to do.

You think someone is happy to be back?

Damien Wilson

Cowboys fans were excited to see the second-year LB back on the field, but for Wilson, he was just excited to see.

"I had a lot of blood clouding my cornea and that was really blocking my vision," he said. "I had to wait for that blood to clear up, and then I was on these dilating drops and I had to wait for my eye to get back to normal and now it is. I’m just truly blessed I didn’t lose my eye."

In his first practice, Wilson had nice tackles on two consecutive plays, first on Darius Jackson, then Dak Prescott.

Tyrone Crawford and DeMarcus Lawrence didn’t play against the Rams, but on Monday they were working on some new moves.

DeMarcus Lawrence

He did other things than just dance.

Orlando Scandrick

Jason Witten is a tough cover, but Scandrick has this play read all the way.


Dan Bailey

I vowed not to show any field goal clips during these reports, but since Jason Garrett cheated Bailey out of a FG attempt on Saturday, I thought I’d slip it in here. Plus, it’s always reassuring to see some evidence that he’s not kicking for another NFC East team. We love you, Dan...even if we have a hard time expressing it.

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