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Cowboys News & Notes: What If The Cowboys Make A Super Bowl Run?

Latest Cowboys headlines: Tony Romo can rewrite legacy with big Cowboys run; positive vibes from camp; are young backup QBs the new trend?

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Tony Romo can rewrite legacy with big Cowboys run - Gregg Rosenthal,
Rosenthal says a narrative-busting Super Bowl run would lend a Hall of Fame sheen to the Cowboys QB's unfairly shaky rep.

A long playoff run with an explosive offense would change so much. It would put an exclamation point on a worthy Hall of Fame résumé. However, if this fourth phase of Romo's career is marked by decline or injury, he risks being unfairly remembered for the games he didn't win. Every sack of Romo will include that awful second where fans wonder if he's down for the count.

Sure, it's hard to see the Cowboys as underdogs. They are still America's Team, insofar as Americans enjoys rooting against them together. Romo's final act could transcend that.

We have made enough bad jokes on Twitter and seen enough painful losses. It would be so satisfying to watch one of this generation's greatest players erase that bobbled snap to end an incredibly cinematic career John Elway-style. Romo hasn't given up the chase:

"Getting to a point where, one day in your career, you get to be that version you always wanted to be. That's what we're trying to do."

What to watch in each Week 2 preseason game - Conor Orr,
The Cowboys QBs will be the thing to watch in the game against the Dolphins tonight, Orr explains.

Tony Romo will play at least a series against the Dolphins, according to Cowboys VP Stephen Jones. While we'll have to wait another week for rookie first-round pick Ezekiel Elliott, we will at least get a chance to see Dallas' captain feeling out the pocket and making some throws.

Romo won't be the QB headliner in this one, though. We've all got Dak Prescott fever, especially smitten GM Jerry Jones. Jones wants his rookie backup to perform big at the preseason home opener and continue fending off a veteran backup after a brilliant 10-of-12 passing performance against the Rams in Los Angeles.

Is Dak Prescott Shattering the Myth About the Need for Veteran Backup QBs? - Jason Cole, Bleacher Report
Cole is a little late to the Prescott Party, but he at least offers a new spin: The Cowboys aren't the only team placing their trust in a rookie backup, he writes, and explains why teams like the Seahawks and Patriots are also banking on young QBs with a lot of experience - in college.

Prescott didn't show up at Cowboys camp from Directional Tech with his cleats slung over his shoulder. He played in 49 games in the SEC (starting 33 of those games), a level of competition about half as good and twice as relevant as the AFC South. He started three bowl games. He won the Senior Bowl MVP award, which typically does not go to the best NFL prospect, but the player poised and mature enough to excel after a week of practice with new coaches and teammates.

In other words, Prescott already has the skills of a backup quarterback: competitiveness, pressure management, big-game experience and solid work habits. If he needs mentorship, he can ask Romo questions. He'll make mistakes if forced to play real games, but the Cassel-Weeden-Moore gang made tons of mistakes last year and offered little hope of learning from them.


Dez Bryant Impressed By Cowboys' Tenacity, Camaraderie During Camp - David Helman,

The Cowboys veteran wide out and emerging leader of the squad gives us his impressions of how intense things are this season. Normally the high powered Dallas offense emerges as the star of the show within the show but Dez says this year it is not as obvious.

"To be honest -€” normally it'd be one-sided. This year, it's been both sides. We're jawing, we all jawing back and forth, and at the end of the day we're hugging each other, we've got our arms around each other -€” just congratulating one another, talking about ‘Hell of a job. Let's come out here and do the same thing."

Cowboys' Marinelli looking to provide jolt into defense - The Sports Exchange

The attitude that Dez is seeing on the other side of the ball has its origins in defensive guru Rod Marinelli. He will be called upon to turn in the same kind of Herculean effort that helped bolster the Cowboys in 2014. The defense might not be the heart of the squad, but if anyone can get them to rise above and be greater than the sum of their parts it will be Marinelli.

"It's on me to get it done," Marinelli said. "I like it. I just got to go do my job. I got to get this defense flying. We've got to play team football. If we can do that, then it's exciting."

So far it looks like Coach has a group that will fight tooth and nail for him.

Dallas Cowboys end Oxnard training camp with positive vibes - Drew Davison, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

The Dallas Cowboys time in Oxnard is brief each year but a lot of work gets done in the cooler climate of coastal California. The team will soon start final preparations for the 2016 season in their new headquarters in Frisco. As they begin their first season in the Star they will draw on the many positives that came out of the team's annual pilgrimage west and look to build on them. The first part of the preseason has been successful for the Boys, but now they have to move forward.

Garrett acknowledged he had a "very positive feeling" about this year’s team given how the three weeks of training camp had gone. This is a team that has Super Bowl expectations even though they’re coming off a 4-12 campaign in 2015.

All in all, Garrett is optimistic about the Cowboys’ chances.

"I have a very positive feeling about the approach that we’re taking, the mindset our team has, the mentality they have," Garrett said. "As a coach, that’s all you can ask for. That’s going to give you the best chance to have success."

Cowboys Camp: Suspended Hopes for the Pass Rush - Peter King, MMQB

King restates something that we have known for quite some time: Dallas is going to have some issues with the pass rush. The defensive coaches do have their work cut out for them, but as King stated Marinelli "has made chicken salad out of chicken feathers" before. Chef Rod will look to do so again.

"Everybody hears the chatter about us being nothing. We hear what people say," said defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford. "We just come out and work, work, work. We can’t worry about what people say. We’ve just got to do what our coach, [defensive coordinator] Rod Marinelli, preaches every day: Be relentless to the quarterback."

The one thing about Marinelli that everyone except his boys seems to miss is that this is typical Rod Marinelli football. He gets more out of less than any man in football. When you are the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator its what you do.


Dak Prescott really wants to face some former college teammates on Eagles and Redskins - Adam Grosbard, Dallas Morning News

It might be a toss up as to which surprise of training camp has Cowboys fans more excited: the unexpected performance of Dak Prescott or the sudden emergence of Morris Claiborne. Either way we are all excited and thankful to see both.

Prescott on the other hand is taking things in stride. Confident, but not cocky, he is ready to move along to future challenges and take on his former Mississippi State Bulldog teammates who has the misfortune to wind up in other NFC East cities. There is nothing like some additional motivation when it comes to division rivals, and if he is called upon, Prescott is more than ready to prove himself to the guys he used to share a locker room with.

Prescott talks about the best advice he got ahead of his rookie year (be quiet) and what it means to play for his childhood team ("dream come true").

He is also asked which NFL players he is most looking forward to playing against. Prescott responded with the names of two pass rushers from his alma mater Mississippi State in the Cowboys' division -- Fletcher Cox (Philadelphia) and Preston Smith (Washington).

Looking back on Tony Romo's earliest flash of greatness with the Cowboys - Bob Sturm, Dallas Morning News

Anything written by Mr.Sturm is worth noting, but this look back at the earliest days of Tony Romo in Dallas makes a great finishing touch for your morning Cowboys fix. It also leaves you looking forward to another season of Romodini and hoping that we don't need to rely on him to pull a rabbit out of his helmet very often this season.

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