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Fantasy Football: Signs Point To Ezekiel Elliott Being The Man

There's still time!

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While my Cowboys loyalty trumps all others, when it comes to fantasy football, I don’t let my heart impede my judgment. Since I follow the team closely, I have a good feel for the players and how they might perform. While my friends went on a bidding war for DeMarco Murray last year, I just sat back, shaking my head as I knew his gold-star 2014 value had so much to do with the Cowboys offensive line. Which brings me to my favorite fantasy pick for 2016.

I have made no secret about my love for Ezekiel Elliott over here. You all have read about it plenty. But I have kept my love for Zeke on the down-low when it comes to my friends in my fantasy football league. In fact, when my Elliott jersey showed up, I made it clear to my wife that I didn’t want her to share any photos on Facebook of me wearing my jersey. Well, she thought she was being crafty by crossing out his name and number and then posting it.

Clearly, my friends are going to realize I’m hiding something and it doesn’t take a draft-board cracking investigator to put some things together to determine that it’s a Ezekiel Elliott jersey. My wife might have cost me my chance to get my boy! We might have to get counselling now.

I’m all aboard the Zeke train because he checks off every single box you look for in a fantasy running back:

  • heavy touches
  • great offensive line
  • great scoring offense
  • run-first offense
  • relevant in passing game
  • very talented
  • fresh legs
  • no serious threat to take his job

We all saw first hand what DeMarco Murray did a couple years ago. Here are the top 12 fantasy scoring running backs in 2014:

Does that mean Zeke will replicate such a season? No. But for a player of Elliott’s skills, you have to like his chances of being on the north side of 250 when it comes to fantasy points.

Notice: Alfred Morris finished 12th that year. If you are lucky enough to get Zeke, handcuffing him with Alfred Morris is an absolute must.

Sign Up For BTB Fantasy Leagues

Last week, I created a fantasy football league and it filled up quick. Here are the participants...

Kudos to those who are quick to react. It’s people like you that forced fantasy football leagues to institute a waiver wire lock down period so those fast-draw managers wouldn’t snag all the great weekly pickups while the games were still going on. I have a friend that would watch the game with his laptop and as soon as someone would get hurt that made his backup in high demand or if some "no-name" legged out a big run, he’d jump on-line and scoop them up.

But if you missed out, that’s okay. There are more leagues just waiting to be formed on Yahoo Sports. In fact, a couple other BTB members have done just that. The Sethnicity and Spurs and Cowboys have created their own leagues. If you create a league, mention it in the comments so other members know to join. Make sure to check out the SB Nation Draft Guide as it has a lot of useful information to help you get started.

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