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Cowboys Training Camp Report: Kellen Moore Breaks Ankle, Ezekiel Elliott Knocked Around, Tank Plays Well

Here is a full report of the Cowboys practice on Tuesday.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Minicamp Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The first couple days, the Cowboys have been taking it slow so that players can ease into football activities to help preserve health. But day number two with pads claimed the team’s first visit from the injury bug when Kellen Moore broke his right ankle. Lawrence Okoye, the discus Olympian defensive lineman that the Cowboys signed in June, shoved guard Jared Smith backwards, who stepped on Moore’s foot.

He can be seen here wearing an air cast. He is expected to miss significant time.

This isn’t the way Cowboys fans wanted it to go down, but Dak Prescott reps just got a whole lot larger. Those anxiously awaiting to see what the rookie has, won’t have to wait long now.

It is unknown what this means for the Cowboys quarterback situation. Expect a lot of speculation as people start exploring other options (Mike Glennon, anyone?).


As for the Cowboys starting quarterback, Tony Romo’s back stiffness will continue to be monitored, but he keeps telling people he feels good.

Rob Phillips: Is this the best shape you’ve been in?

Tony Romo: "Yeah, it’s the best offseason I’ve had in a long time. Just to be able to do all the stuff you’re not always able to do. Obviously, camp is a lot more days in a row. We had three days in a row during the offseason when we have OTAs and so this first part was four, we thought we’d get a day in (of rest Sunday) and then go from there each week and reassess it. Everything has been going good. We’ve just got to keep getting stronger and keep getting better."

Ezekiel Elliott

After watching his team knock each other to the ground on Monday, Jason Garrett wanted to keep his players more upright, but that didn’t help Zeke out very much. The defense continues to tee off on him. But he seems to be handling the tubthumping pretty well as he keeps getting knocked down, but he gets up again, you’re never gonna keep him down.

Here’s a little shake-and-bake.

Alfred Morris

The Cowboys free agent running back continues to impress. It’s so easy to just pencil him behind Zeke and maybe even Darren McFadden depending on who you are, but he didn’t come here to be a sideline decoration. Alf is going to be a contributor on this team. He isn’t known for his breakaway speed, but he’s got some deceptive quickness and good footwork to help him sneak through holes.

Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar continued their rehab work on the other field. They showed good progress as they were running routes and catching passes.

Wide Receivers

Dez Bryant

Whether it’s Romo missing practice or Dez being held out for precautionary reasons, the "rust factor" always seem to concern people. But these two have been playing catch for years. There are many times in the season where it looks like Dez will bail Romo out when the pass is behind him, but then you see things like this and wonder - do they practice it that way?

Lucky Whitehead

The Cowboys second-year specialist has shown a lot of hustle in camp, but today he had a case of the dropsies.

His cutting ability and relentless hustle makes him a valuable asset in the return game, but he needs to work on the fundamentals at receiver. Dez has spent some time with him working on his route-running and catching passes from the JUGS matching after practice. Plus, the Cowboys talk about attacking you in different ways and Lucky is a part of that.

The kid certainly has some nice speed.

And apparently, Lucky must be returning the favor because look who was seen playing around and returning punts.

I have no idea what that's about, but please stop.

The offensive line was not sharp today as they were flagged for several penalties.

Travis Frederick

If you haven’t heard much from free agent, Cedric Thornton, there could be a reason for that. Fredbeard is shutting him down. These two are no strangers to each other as they’ve battled it out in the trenches the last few years when Thornton was with Philadelphia, but he's getting a heavy dose of him these days.

Ron Leary

It’s easy to forget about him as he’s stuck behind La’el Collins on the depth chart, but Leary continues to play well. With Zack Martin practicing center, Leary’s just too good to not be active on Sundays.


Tyrone Crawford

For the second straight day, Crawford did not practice as he is dealing with his own back issues.

He will continue to be monitored day-by-day.

Terrell McClain

Did not practice today.

DeMarcus Lawrence

Fans have been waiting to hear about an edge rusher challenging Tyron Smith. Well, Tank got in a couple good ones on him.

Here’s a clip of Tank winning on the first rep of the one-on-one drill:

Here’s a clip of Tank winning on the second rep:

Here’s a clip of Tank winning on the third rep:

(there is no clip; nobody’s beating Tyron three straight times - stop being ridiculous)

I remember a few years ago when DeMarcus Ware was owning Tyron Smith in camp. And Smith used every bit of those experiences to help make him as good as he is today. Maybe now he can return the favor to a young pass rusher.

Lawrence Okoye

The other Lawrence defensive lineman will mostly be remembered for his role in the Kellen Moore injury, but he had a good day all-around. He was disruptive all afternoon and put up a good fight against La’el Collins.

David Irving

Any sign of good play at defensive end is a welcome sight. With the team missing their two top edge rushers, several others will get their shot. One guy that the coaches are hopeful about is David Irving. After joining the Cowboys midway through the season last year, he’ll get a full training camp with Rod Marinelli.

Dallas Cowboys writer, Jeff Sullivan has him as his breakout player. Irving feels he is improving with each new day.

"I came in the middle of last season and was able to get a feel for the system and the coaches," Irving said. "This year, they are counting on me to play a bigger role, and I’m just here to take full advantage of that opportunity. I feel like the coaches believe in me, my teammates believe in me and I believe in myself, so I just have to take all the coaching I can every single day and that improvement is going to show."

"I feel like there’s a pretty significant upside to my potential, and Coach Marinelli hammers that home to me every day and I just roll with it.

Here he is just rolling with it.

Sean Lee

If you can tell the difference between "game-day" Sean Lee and "practice" Sean Lee, then you are more perceptive than the average bear. Lee was all over the place laying into every ball carrier than crossed his path. The guy just works incredibly hard.

Kyle Wilber

He left practice with a back injury. The severity of the injury is unknown.

New Guy

The Cowboys worked out three linebackers on Tuesday, but only signed one. James Morris, who played for the New England Patriots in 2014. He will wear number 40 and will immediately become a fan favorite as people try to envision him as Bill Bates. Here is Bryan Broaddus’ scouting report of the teams new linebacker from Iowa.

He will finish the play when he gets there. Was a wrap-up tackler in the games I studied. Puts his head across the ball carrier and gets him to the ground. There is some range to his game. Caused a fumble against the Saints chasing the ball to the sideline.

Can anchor down to take on blockers. See the motor/effort/pursuit in his special teams work. Lines up at all spots. L4 on the kick off team. One of the first men down the field. Nice blocker on the punt return.

The secondary received a little scare when Barry Church and Brandon Carr collided on a deep pass from Romo to Dez. Both players were able to get up and walk away unscathed.

Morris Claiborne

Mo has been a shining star in camp before, so while it’s great to see him breaking up passes galore, fans have trust issues. He’s been hot out of the gate before, but can he sustain? Maybe this year he’s got a new strategy.

"I was talking to Orlando on the sideline, it’s just pacing yourself, try not to burn yourself out too early," Claiborne said. "That’s one of the things I’m keeping in my mind, not in the back of it but in the front of my mind, just trying to make it all the way through the season and stay healthy.

"It’s kind of a hard with a young guy like myself. I see Brandon and Orlando all the time, they’re able to keep that same pace all the way through camp and that’s something where I’m trying to get to."

Here is #24 getting toasted by Desean Jackson at Redskins camp. Oh wait, that’s not Claiborne, that's Josh Norman. The new Redskins corner will go from a top 10 pass defense team to a bottom 10, but with all that new cash in his pocket, it could be weighing him down.

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