What I LOVE about Dak Prescott!

After just one preseason game, we were all wowed by Dak Prescott. He blew us away by leading the team to a 24-7 lead against the Rams in their first game back in LA, with 2 TD passes and a great job setting us up for a FG. The team scored on each of his drives. Passer rating of 154.3. His only two incompletions were drops by Geoff Swaim.

Then he came home and subbed for Tony Romo's first preseason action in a game against Miami, and did even better!! Perfect passer rating of 158.3. Team scored on each of his drives -- 2 passing TDs, 2 rushing TDs by himself, 2 FGs, 34 points, all in just about 1/2 of a game! Again he was the rage of the twitterverse.

From semi-panic when shaky backup QB Kellen Moore went down and the team probed signing a veteran backup QB, to the ascension of Dak in a matter of about 3 weeks, the rise has been meteoric and amazing!

I dare say that no one has ever done what Dak Prescott has done in his first two preseason games. The QB rating, the points, 100% success on drives, the TD passes, the TD runs, making all the throws, etc. He's really in uncharted waters.

People rush for comparisons. He's like Russell Wilson. He's like Cam Newton. He's like Donovan McNabb.

I think we all ought to think, from now on -- he's like Dak Prescott!! He's his own man, and that's one of the biggest reasons he's been doing what he's been doing.

So here's a list of what I LOVE about him. It's a list that should grow, and please add your own reasons in the comments.

1. The way he carries himself.

This encapsulates a lot of things. His poise, his maturity, his humilty, the way he talks in interviews, the way he dedicates his success to his mother. This is the "it" factor that really sets him apart.

As a QB, he demonstrated it perfectly by taking control of the huddle from the first play of his first preseason game. Dez Bryant noticed, and gave him huge props for it.

He also seems perfectly calm when he plays. Like he has all the time he needs to execute the plays he's called on to run (or to improvise). He has COMMAND.

He also doesn't seem to get flustered at all. In the Rams game, faced with multiple penalties backing the Cowboys out of FG range, he didn't lose his cool or try to do too much, he completed a short pass to Devin Street to chip off 8 yards, then ran for 14 to set up an easy Bailey FG. In the Miami game, after 2 TDs were negated by penalty, he shrugged it off and ran in from 20 yards on 3rd and 10 to get the TD after all! Amazing composure!!

Overall, his demeanor also makes Dak someone who is really loved by people. The fans of Mississippi State made a video tribute to him to show him how much he meant to them, and how much they loved him. And the feeling was mutual. These people skills are incredibly valuable in a QB.

I think we're just starting our lovefest with Dak as Cowboys fans.

2. The way he elevates his game to master the situation.

Before the first pre-season game, there were a bunch of practice evaluations that suggested Dak and Jameill Showers were somehow neck and neck in their development. As recently as August 8th, a lot of people on this site thought Showers was ahead of Dak, and should really be the #2 QB this year once Kellen Moore went down.

I'm not sure these evaluations were all that far off -- for practices.

But practice is not an NFL game. When the lights came on in front of 80,000+ at the LA Colliseum and a national ESPN audience, even for a preseason game, things were dialed up a lot.

And in that NFL game, his first, Dak Prescott played the best of any player on the field, for either team. The distance between Dak and Jameill Showers, who gamely fought with the backups, was cavernous.

A week later, in front of another national TV audience and the home fans, and playing behind Tony Romo, Dak again played the best of any player on the field.

I have no doubt that if and when Dak has to play in a regular season game, or in a playoff game, or in the Super Bowl, he's going to elevate his game to meet and master that situation.

3. The way he feeds Dez Bryant.

Romo and Bryant have some great chemistry, and it has been built up over several years.

What I'm blown away by is how much chemistry Dak already has with Dez, his most important receiver. I can't find the quote I read recently, but the paraphrase is Dak saying -- "if they want to single up Dez, I'm going to him." And he has.

I loved the sideline throw against the Rams. Tight coverage, back shoulder, amazing Dez catch.

Later in the same drive, Dez one on one on the left side, again tight coverage. Dak passed it over, Touchdown!

Then, last night against the Dolphins, a deeper pass to the pylon, pretty tight coverage, thrown where only Dez can snag it, which he does. Touchdown!

This is SO critical to Dallas's offense working to it's highest efficiency. If they single up on Dez, Dak is going to use him to abuse teams, no matter who the CB is. That will force the double teams, which will help open up everyone else.

4. The way he spreads the ball around.

Set up Dez, but use everyone! Toss to Swaim in the flat. Slant to Beasley. Out to Williams. Deep in to Butler. Sideline to Dez. Goalline to Dez for the TD. Screen to Jackson. Back to Swaim. Corner to Williams for the TD.

He's thrown to everyone who has been in, with the exception of the 3rd TE. He's even completed 2 passes to Devin Street.

No favorites here (except possibly Dez). No one the D can take away to make him ineffective. It's been a clinic.

5. The way he makes ALL the throws.

He's already shown amazing touch. Short passes in the flat to Swaim. Screen passes. Deep corner over the shoulder passes. Sideline and end zone back shoulder. Deep in passes. 65-yard in the air bombs. Play action passes. Shotgun or under center.

For being knocked for his accuracy coming out of college, you look at him and have to wonder what happened? Because he looks incredibly accurate out there so far.

6. His running ability and how he uses it.

This is one of the main reasons I was so excited about the Prescott pick, because I thought his running ability would allow him to succeed earlier than drop-back passers in the NFL, as a safety valve if plays broke down.

Indeed, he has used it as a safety valve. Really perfectly. He ran to set up a FG against the Rams on a 3rd and very long. He ran for a 20-yard TD last night after two TDs on the same drive were negated by penalty.

Plus, he SLIDES! He's not trying to be Cam Newton. He already understands his health is more important than an extra yard or two on a given play.

I just read he was one of two SEC QBs in history with 70 passing TDs and 40 rushing TDs.

Just think about what kind of pressure that puts on a D. Dez, Williams, Beasley, Witten, Butler, Zeke, Morris, et al. It's not enough to stop them. Even if you do, Dak can KILL you on the ground, extend drives, and score.

7. How fast a learner he is.

When he came to Dallas, Dak hadn't really taken any snaps under center before. Yet, in these two games, he's looked like a complete pro as an under-center QB. Play action? Check. 7 step drop, look off the safety, and drop in a 32-yard TD? Check. Play action fake leading to a 58-yard bomb to start the second half? Check.

He seems to have mastered these skills incredibly quickly.

Also, go back to #2. When he started camp, he was put in the #3 slot, behind Kellen Moore, but competing with Showers. At times, Showers seemed to have better practice days. But Dak was mastering the skills, and was ready to showcase them at his first real opportunity.

If he has that skill, he can apply it to anything opponents throw at him.

8. How little draft capital we had to use to get him.

Dak has already shown up Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, who cost amazing hauls of draft capital and contract money for the Rams and Eagles.

Meanwhile, he's costing the Cowboys only a late-4th round compensatory pick, and $2.35M over 4 years!!

This allowed the Cowboys to get Collins and Tapper in the 3rd and 4th round, and still get Dak! Had we gone for Dak earlier, we wouldn't have had the same quality in our Dline picks. (We also didn't have to overpay for Paxton Lynch.)

9. How fun he makes it to watch games!

I like watching preseason games to see who's new, and who's fighting to make our team. I also watch some opponent games to size them up.

But Dak Prescott has taken this to an entirely different level! 95-yard drive? No problem! Two TDs called back by penalty? No problem! Deep corner TD passes? No problem! 65-yard bombs (possibly farther than Romo can throw at this point). No problem!

10. The fact that he's a DALLAS COWBOY!!

It would have been wonderful to see a "Trolling the Nation" post about Dak Prescott's two performances, but the problem is there aren't game threads on those other sites while Dak is playing because pre-season games are spread out. But you can just imagine the consternation other teams, and the fans of other teams are having right now, when Dak Prescott was there for all to take 4 rounds into the draft!

The fact is - we've got him! And he's so glad he's with us!!

Those are my 10 reasons for loving Dak Prescott -- for now. Please comment and add yours!!


11. How is presence has likely solved our QB problem for years to come!

Not sure how I missed this one on my first go-round. But I'll add it as a postscript.

Two years ago, I wrote a fan post on 5 Things I Wish the Cowboys Would Change. #1 was - Stop Betting the Season On Tony Romo's Health. At the time, I wished Dallas had drafted Jimmy Garoppolo so they would have a viable backup if Romo went down. I said then that Weedon was not it.

Well, let me say right now that Dak Prescott is IT. Not only is he a viable #2 QB, I think he'll be a viable #1 QB whenever the time comes that he's called on to lead the Dallas Cowboys. And I'm not talking about some time in the future. I'm saying that Dak Prescott will be ready THIS YEAR if called upon to take over the reigns at QB. He'll have some growing pains, but he's already shown me enough -- #2 rise to the occasion, and #7 fast learner -- to demonstrate that he's more than capable of stepping in. Especially with the O-line and offensive weapons he has around him.


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