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Fantasy Football Projections For The 2016 Dallas Cowboys

Are you going after any Cowboys players in your fantasy draft? Here are my 2016 projections for some key Cowboys performers.

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It’s not too late to still join fantasy football on Yahoo Sports. The BTB community has a few leagues created and you can still put one together and invite your fellow Cowboys fans to join you (link your league info in the comments).

So far, the following BTB members have created leagues for your enjoyment:

  • The Sethnicity
  • Spurs and Cowboys
  • iKlick

With fantasy drafts upon us, many Cowboys fans are wondering where their boys in blue should be selected. Here are my projections for the Cowboys players:

Tony Romo

One of the great things about the flawed persona of Tony Romo being a mistake prone, choke-artist is that nobody goes near him in fantasy drafts. Only two types of people even give him a look, (1) Cowboys fans and (2) smart fantasy players who cash in on great values. Romo isn’t one of those lights-out fantasy quarterbacks that finish at the top, but time and time again he finishes in the top 10 in fantasy points. If you exclude last season when he was hurt, Romo has finished in the top 10 in each of the previous four seasons. And he’s averaged 31 touchdowns in that span. Some people might be a little reluctant because they know the Cowboys will be a run-first team and that is not ideal for racking up the fantasy points for a quarterback. But even the run heavy Cowboys of 2014 had Tony finding the end zone 34 times. And with this offense having the potential to put up some big point totals, Romo will get his.

If you’re trying to sniff out the next elite fantasy QB, Tony Romo is not your guy. But if you want to pay a low price for a guy who’s consistently a proven commodity, you should grab him. I would definitely try to employ a two-headed monster strategy at QB to protect yourself if Romo gets hurt.

Tony Romo is currently ranked outside the top 15 in quarterbacks.

Projection: 3,750 yards, 33 touchdowns

Ezekiel Elliott

The range of production that is projected for Ezekiel Elliott is considerably wide. On one hand, he’s a rookie, he’s never played a down in the NFL, and Alfred Morris has already proven he’s a good running back that could be utilized. But on the other hand, Zeke is an extremely talented player who inherits a golden opportunity running behind the Cowboys offensive line. Those who were impressed by DeMarco Murray’s 1,845 yard season in 2014, have to be salivating at what Elliott can do. Morris’ presence in Dallas will not be a hindrance to Elliott’s production, but rather an aid. Morris will be able to spell him and help keep Elliott fresh. The Cowboys will not run the rookie into the ground like they did Murray a couple years ago.

The Cowboys have demonstrated that they like to have a workhorse back. Someone will be the better of the two and will get a great chunk of the touches in the backfield. And that someone is going to be Elliott. Those even remotely concerned about this being some type of committee situation need not to worry. It’s Zeke’s job and he’s going to take it and run with it. If you are a Zeke owner, I would most definitely handcuff him with Morris, even if it means reaching a bit for him. Monopolizing the Cowboys running game is worth the investment.

Projection: 1,430 yards, 11 touchdowns

Dez Bryant

If there is one knock on Elliott’s fantasy value, it’s that the Cowboys have some real solid red zone targets that could steal touchdowns from him. And one of those biggest targets is going to be Dez Bryant. The Cowboys receiver had a disappointing season last year as he suffered a foot injury that saw him miss a chunk of games. He’s back now and he looks scary good. His intensity in camp makes him seem like a man on a mission. And it’s translating to the football field. Even in limited action, he’s been a huge weapon for the offense and has caught two touchdown passes.

With so many other big name receivers getting interest these days and the injury last year, Dez could slip a bit in drafts. He isn’t the runaway focal point of the offense like Julio Jones or Odell Beckham Jr., but Dez will get his. He finished 4th in fantasy points in 2014 for WRs and I would expect similar production this season.

Projection: 78 catches, 1260 yards, 15 touchdowns

Terrance Williams

It is a common façade that players in a contract year muster up a little extra sumpin' sumpin' in order to cash in a big contract. Sure, that would serve as extra motivation, but these guys are professionals that are out there trying their best a great majority of the time. The biggest factor that could drive Williams’ price up is the return of the guy slinging him the ball. Romo will be a sight for sore eyes for all his receivers and put William’s big playmaking threat back in the mix of the offense.

He finished 38th among wide receivers in 2014. While he’ll have some fantasy relevant games, he won’t get enough targets to be a consistent fantasy contributor.

Projection: 35 catches, 670 yards, 5 touchdowns

Cole Beasley

The Cowboys slot receiver is very difficult to cover and he has been even peskier in camp. He has developed some good rapport with Romo and is a dependable third-down option. Beasley will be a nice role player in this offense, but his role won’t be large enough to warrant owning in fantasy.

Projection: 54 catches, 510 yards, 4 touchdowns

Jason Witten

Every year people will try to convince you that Jason Witten is aging and his performance will start to decline. While this is a bunch of horse pucky, it’s actually a very good depiction of his fantasy value. There isn’t much debate that Witten is one of the very best reality tight ends, his fantasy numbers are regressing. After three straight seasons (2010-2012) finishing in the top three in fantasy points for TEs, he’s gotten worse each subsequent year.

  • 2013 finished 5th
  • 2014 finished 10th
  • 2015 finished 12th

He’s a great football player, but from a fantasy prospective – I’d shop around for someone else.

Projection: 70 catches, 680 yards, 5 touchdowns

Are you drafting any Cowboys players? Who do you think is underrated? Or are there any players you believe are overvalued?

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