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Cowboys News: Tony Romo Hurts Back In Seattle Game; Ezekiel Elliott Impresses

All the news that's fit to print.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo asks to go back in after apparent back injury - ESPN Dallas

A very scary moment for the Cowboys only three plays into the Cowboys game with the Seahawks. Cowboys fans saw the season flashing before their eyes, but it may not have been as bad as initially feared.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo reached for his lower back after a first-quarter sack by Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril and left Thursday night's Week 3 preseason game.

Romo was ruled out to return despite his pleas to coaches that he was healthy enough to go back in. On the third snap of the game, Romo attempted to scramble up the middle, but Avril appeared to jam him into the ground and Romo grabbed his lower back. He was tended to by the team's medical staff but was able to walk off the field without help.

For a second, it looked like Dak Prescott might end up being even more important than previously thought. The good news was that Romo was fighting to get back into the game, so maybe it was a very minor thing that was more painful than injured.

Elliott Impresses During NFL Debut in Seattle - Blue Star

Ezekiel Elliott had his first reps for Dallas and looked very, very good.

How fired up was Ezekiel Elliott to make his NFL debut? Well, after his first career carry that went for three whole yards, "Zeke" bounced up and talked trash to the Seattle Seahawks defense.

Elliott had a strong debut, rushing for 48 yards on seven carries for an average of 6.9 yards. He showed his workhorse ability with consecutive runs of 9 yards, 13, 9 and 8.

Perhaps his most memorable carry is when he bounced off Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor for a few extra yards. Chancellor is one the biggest, hardest hitting safeties in the NFL and Elliott let the veteran hear about the collision immediately after.

Zeke looked fantastic, great vision, hard running and he wasn't backing down from a defense that was hitting him hard. He even did a good job picking up a blitz. If this is what the Cowboys are going to get out of Elliott all year, they are going to be very happy.

Cowboys Drop Third Preseason Game To Seahawks 27-17, Have Major Scare About Romo’s Back - Tom Ryle, Blogging The Boys
A huge scare about Tony Romo’s back was the big story, but Ezekiel Elliott had a solid debut and Dak Prescott continues to look like the real deal.

The absolute worst thing that could happen for the Dallas Cowboys was for Tony Romo to get injured in a meaningless preseason game. That is exactly what occurred, just three plays into the first drive in the game against the Seattle Seahawks. Romo scrambled out and grabbed at his back when he was down on the field. Looking at it live, it was frightening. The thought had to go through everyone’s mind that we might have to find out just how good Dak Prescott is way sooner than we wanted to.

Reports from the bench were that the injury was not serious, just a twinge or tightening up that startled and perhaps frightened Romo more than anything. He wanted to return to the field, but the coaches sat him down, probably until September 11. We will all hold our breath until we find out more about the injury and if it is indeed not significant. But with Romo’s history of back problems, there is now a big shadow cast over the season. Romo was not hit hard, and it is difficult to have a great deal of confidence that he will hold up.

Tony Romo Scare Makes Fans Wonder - Danny Phantom, Blogging The Boys
The Cowboys franchise quarterback was knocked out of the game after just three plays, but could Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott step up?

There are some comforting things about the Romo-less Cowboys that are better than previously seen. First off, Dak Prescott is alright. I mean, technically he’s more than alright as he’s been playing extremely well. Even against a tough Seattle defense, the kid did great. He finished 17/23 for 116 yards and one touchdown. He’s making every pass count, completing them at a high rate and getting something when there doesn’t seem like there’s anything to get. This is going to be very helpful in keeping him in manageable third-downs. And he almost had Terrance Williams for a huge touchdown strike, but Williams just couldn’t hold on.

It’s the other rookie that should soothe Cowboys fans.The real star of this draft - Ezekiel Elliott.


Daryl Johnston: Cowboys In Play As An NFC Favorite     CBS Sports Radio

MOOOOOOSE appeared as a guest on the Doug Gottlieb Show and touted his former team's prospects for the NFC crown in 2016. The offense should click from the start, but Johnston thinks the other side of the ball is going to come around in short order as well.

"I think they’re going be better than people think," Johnston said. "I think they’re going to struggle in the beginning of the year with the suspensions getting pressure off the edge, but I think they’re very, very strong in the tackle positions. I think (defensive coordinator) Rod Marinelli will find some ways to bring pressure off the edge that first month of the season that maybe you don’t see much down towards the back end of the season. But once DeMarcus Lawrence gets back in, I think he shores all that up."

It is nice to see the major media guys reach the same conclusions as what I wrote in my latest submission.


Two troubled players. Two different approaches by the team. It seems that the Dallas Cowboys think that one of the two men might still be worth salvaging while it has given up on the other. You can probably figure out which is which.

Some want to paint McClain and Gregory with the same broad stroke. They're both "knuckleheads" or "druggies." They're both hurting the image of the Dallas Cowboys and should be released.
Clearly, the Cowboys don't see it that way. Neither do I.

Jerry Jones has always been willing to provide second and third chances, but it looks like he and the rest of the Dallas brain trust have finally drawn a line in the sand with one player. Perhaps there is one waiting for the other as well, but for now they still look for his eventual shot at redemption.

A look at Cowboys position players: RB Alfred Morris is a pro's pro, Lucky Whitehead too small to star as returner -    Babe Laufenburg, Dallas Morning News

Babe gives us his views on a few members of the Dallas roster. Some you may agree with, some you might not.

Rob Gronkowski Wonders If Cowboys Stole Patriots' ‘Do Your Job' Mantra - NESN Staff, New England Sports Network

First there was Spy-gate and then Deflate-gate, both of which were perpetrated by the hoodie clad mob in New England. Now it appears that the Patriots seem poised to play the victim. Rob Gronkowski believes that his team is being victimized in a Slogan-gate scandal. Yes you heard that right. Gronk has accused the Dallas Cowboys of stealing the Patriots top secret slogan "Do Your Job".

Rob that is not really a secret. Bosses have used that secret strategy for years.

Deep Blue: From Compton to Canton - The Larry Allen Story - Dallas

Fans of Larry Allen will love this video tribute from the mothership.  It is worth taking a few moments out of your day to set back and enjoy.

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