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Ezekiel Elliott Shows Kam Chancellor, Legion Of Boom No Respect In Debut

It took until the third preseason game for us to finally see the Cowboys first-round draft pick in action, but Ezekiel Elliott did not disappoint.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kam Chancellor has a well-deserved reputation in the National Football League. He is a devastating hitter for the Seattle Seahawks Legion of Boom and his physical style of play can dramatically change the flow of the game. Few in the game today can lay the lumber the way the Seahawks strong safety can.

On Thursday night Chancellor and his running mates were given an opportunity to welcome a highly-touted rookie running back to the league. It was an opportunity that the Legion eagerly embraced.

Perhaps they were just a little bit too anxious to greet the rookie. Chancellor's hit on Ezekiel Elliott drew the ire of the referees. They flagged the Seahawks safety for a personal foul.

From Elliott's point of view, personal it was. Not satisfied with the yards awarded by the men with the stripes, the rookie running back assessed some additional punishment on the Seahawks. He saw limited carries in his debut, but the rookie from Ohio State made the most of them.

Every time he got the ball Elliott was looking to punish the defense. He finished the game with seven carries and 48 yards rushing. The eight and nine yard chunks of real estate that he was able to pick up on one of the league's most vaunted defenses was impressive, but that is not the memory that fans will take away from the game.

On a second and one Elliot took the ball and headed around right end.  During the run he demonstrated his ability to cut back and head toward the next level. It was then that he found his own opportunity to introduce himself to Chancellor. The rookie lowered his shoulder and the rest is what we will remember. Someone had to give and it was not Elliott.

By all accounts, the rookie running back acquitted himself well in limited action, and no doubt he earned a little bit of respect from the most physical player on one of the most dominating defenses in the game. That, my friends was a performance worthy of a fourth-overall selection.

Oh, by the way, Zeke was not content with just one blow to Chancellor. He delivered a second massage to make sure.

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