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Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks: A Scare Was Enough For All Of Us

Let's just say that we do not need to see Tony Romo scrambling in a preseason again.

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The Dallas Cowboys dress rehearsal became a loss of breath only three plays in as Tony Romo scrambled to his left and was hit in the back by Cliff Avril. First thought, oh my gosh, please get up Tony. Thankfully, Romo did get up and walk to the sideline, he was in some discomfort but it wasn't nearly as worrisome once we saw him throwing the ball and looking to make a return. Cooler heads most certainly prevailed as Jason Garrett was pretty much saying "absolutely not".

Is this what our lives have become as we watch Tony Romo in the twilight of his career? We sure hope not. Hopefully, this is just a minor hiccup in a season where Tony Romo plays all 16 games and leads this team to the Promise Land. Still, it's starting to feel a little too much like the opening scene in Any Given Sunday. The Cowboys do not want to have a Cap Rooney situation on their hands but maybe they have their own "Steamin'" Willie Beaman on this roster, then again, maybe it's a bit too early to make that remark. Relax and exhale Cowboys fans, Tony Romo is seemingly fine, still, couldn't help having fun on social media, though:

Enough about the quarterback, let's talk about that fourth-overall pick, eh? Wow, Ezekiel Elliott exceeded some expectations in his debut. He's an electric player and his night was over after 7 carries, 48 yards, and over 6 yards per carry. What was more impressive was his attitude as he was the Cowboys' own version of Richard Sherman. Twice, count it twice, Kam Chancellor wanted to deliver Elliott his "Welcome to the NFL, Rookie" moment. And twice, Chancellor got a face full of Zeke's fist as he busted that gorilla in the mouth to steal a line from Jimmy Johnson.

All you could do was marvel at his limited exposure. You mean to tell us that Zeke can run, block, catch and he also is a trash talker that delivers? Where do we sign? Good on you rook, take a bow.

The Cowboys' new favorite jersey to sell, Dak Prescott, did exactly what he had been doing. He led the first team offense down the field and had the play of the game to Jason Witten. Prescott takes the snap with pressure from the NFL's premier defense in his face. No big deal, Jason Witten will catch the 27-yard touchdown pass, oh, and Witten will catch it over the helmet of the Seattle linebacker. Too easy, Seahawks. Dak Prescott continued to impress as he finished his night with 17 out of 23 completions for 116 yards, 1 TD, 0 INTs, and a 99.2 passer rating. Keep on truckin' Prescott!

For the record, Jameill Showers wasn't all that bad either as he completed 10 of 17 for 113 yards, 1 TD, 0 INTs, and a passer rating of 98.8. His lone touchdown pass was an excellent play made by Rodney Smith. This Smith is not the linebacker, or the fullback, or the linebacker pretending to be a fullback. No, this Smith is an actual wide receiver, folks

What was more apparent than how close any hit can come to being your last was the fact that this team really needs a pass rush. They were gashed in the run game and didn't come close to the unit we saw last week against the Dolphins. Ryan Russell made a nice play but then followed it up with nothing. This is the Seahawks offensive line that on one play in the game saw the left tackle, left guard and center all fall down. It could have been designed that way but it looked like something out of the Three Stooges.

You have to get sacks in this situation where Russell Wilson was scattering around like a baby calf who can't exactly walk yet. Credit to Wilson, who made some really good plays when everything broke down in front of him. The Cowboys need to be scouring the waiver wire at roster cuts and get themselves some help.

Chaz Green struggled once again as did Mr. J.J. Wilcox. He left the game in the third quarter after getting the wind knocked from him. Wilcox is out of chances and pretty soon should be out of sight and out of mind for the Dallas Cowboys.

Another guy who may be out of sight and out of mind? That would be Darren McFadden. You can't make the club from the tub and Darius Jackson and most importantly Alfred Morris (bless him) have supplanted number 20. Morris showed his impeccable vision in this game and Darius Jackson showed the jets.

All in all, it was a mixed bag but there are some individual performances to be encouraged by including backup returner Dax Swanson who runs like Marion Barber when he fields the kick. Most certainly the news will surround number nine but it's looking as though this was more of a shocker than anything else. Sometimes a guy gets hurt and is out a while. That type of stuff can mess with you mentally. In those cases, often he comes back and has to take a lick to see if he still can. Romo felt a sharp pain but it dissipated rather quickly and he looked good after the game. He even said this after the game:

One last quote that most certainly will be part of Jason Garrett's message this season will be what Jerry Jones said he heard from "The Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya. "You win with the hits you take in practice. I loved to get hit as it woke me up and made me compete." Romo's hit most certainly woke him up and maybe this team will take the hits this season and just keep swinging for the stars.

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