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Greetings BTB: Welcome A New Front-Page Writer To Our Site

We’re adding some free agent talent as we gear up for the 2016 season.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Ed Note: As we get ready for the 2016 season, we want to bring you as much content as we can with as many different opinions and angles as we can. In that spirit, we’re adding a new member to the staff. He’s been a long-time lurker here at BTB, but I’ve been reading some of his sample writings about the Cowboys and I think he’s going to be a great addition to the team. So please join me in welcoming Joseph.Hatz, you can call him Joey! — Dave

Hello everybody, I'd like to introduce myself to the entire BTB community. My name is Joey and despite the fact that I was born, raised and currently live in the Washington, DC area, I am a lifelong Cowboys fan thanks to my mom who raised me as such before I could even walk.

My very first Cowboys memory is of the 1992 NFC Championship game, I was quite young so all I could remember was that the score was 10-10 at halftime and that one particular wide receiver seemed to be making several big plays. I would later come to realize that the wide receiver was Alvin Harper, and that memory and the many that followed in those very successful years to come solidified an intense passion for the Cowboys that lives to this day. Despite the fact that my favorite players were naturally Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith, my very first Cowboy jersey was a blue #48 Daryl Johnston, and I still wear it proudly as somehow it still fits 20+ years later.

Since that era, unfortunately, the Cowboys haven't had nearly as much success but from Jason Witten to Tony Romo to DeMarcus Ware to Dez Bryant to Tyron Smith, watching prospects turn into Cowboys legends has only strengthened my resolve in the team. Who can ever forget Witten sprinting downfield without a helmet or playing opening night in New York with a lacerated spleen? Or the first playoff win in almost 15 years coming against the Eagles, a win which ended long-time nemesis Donovan McNabb's career in Philadelphia no less? Or after years of watching an offensive line fail to protect Romo or open up room to run, who can forget the moment you realized that perhaps the Great Wall wasn't a one-time thing?

No, Dallas hasn't won it all since then, but that time will come, and hopefully we can all celebrate it together.

As for the BTB community, I have long felt that the content here is a much appreciated change of pace from the mainstream print/television media which do not provide as much depth or analysis as I would like when it comes to my favorite team. This site provides that, and as such I am honored that Dave is giving me the opportunity to join the team. To all of the current writers, I thank you for producing meaningful content over the years that has provided a respite from the droning of the traditional media, I can only hope that I live up to the standard that you have set.

To be honest, at the end of the day I am just so passionate about the team that I feel compelled to write about them as an outlet for all of the energy that I invest into them, and I can only hope that some of you out there find a few of my thoughts interesting.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to the conversations to come.

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