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Cowboys News: Dak Prescott Is The Truth; Seahawks Game Most Impressive Performance Yet

Latest Cowboys headlines: Dak Prescott passes yet another test with best performance so far; Ezekiel Elliott steals the show.

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AUDIO: Have the Cowboys found their own Russell Wilson in Dak Prescott? - ESPN 980 Redskins Radio
At the 22:00 mark of this Sports Reporters podcast, ESPN's Adam Shefter joins the conversation and provides a little insight on what some NFL insiders think about Prescott.

Adam Schefter: I spoke to a couple of different people this week, who, when they heard all this Dak Prescott conversation, went and looked at the film of the guy. They looked at the endzone film, the all-22, and they said as they watched this guy play, they were blown away at the decisions he was making, the skills he demonstrated, looking downfield, playing like a veteran.

You could say, "It's preseason." That's what I said. I talked to a couple of people and I'm like, "What do you think? Is this overblown? Are we getting too excited over a guy after two preseason games when he's going up against backups?"

And they went and looked at the film and said, "This guy has got it. He's got it." And they said, "They've found their quarterback of the future." The Cowboys did.

Dak Prescott’s standout play could haunt the Eagles - Timothy Parker, Eagles Wire
It seems the Cowboys got a big bargain with Dak Prescott in the fourth round of the draft, which makes Parker wonder whether Carson Wentz was worth the price for the Eagles.

Nothing is quite as delicious as Eagles tears.

Even worse for Eagles fans – Prescott may be the much better player of the two because of what will probably be a better roster to support him as well.

The Eagles, like the Rams, still have a lot of holes on their roster that could have been filled with the price they paid to grab Goff and Wentz.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys, have a potential future star running back in Ezekiel Elliott, a fortified offensive line, and a stud wide receiver in Dez Bryant, that will only be enhanced by a star quarterback. It also takes lots of pressure off of a young quarterback, whenever Prescott takes over for the aging Romo.

As for the Eagles – they went all-in at the poker table, without the equity of a roster that’s ready to win. If things don’t work out, the team could be competitively bankrupt as they watch their archrival roll in the riches of a low-risk, high reward investment of the future.

'DAK is the truth:' The moments when Cowboys rookie Prescott showed ultimate poise - Brandon George, SportsDay
George likes what he has seen from Prescott so far.

Poise continues to be rookie quarterback Dak Prescott's most impressive attribute. Prescott, who was near perfect in his first two preseason games, passed another test Thursday night.

Prescott finished 17-for-23 passing for 116 yards and the touchdown. And at least two of the incomplete passes were drops by Terrance Williams and Devin Street. Through three preseason games, Prescott is 39-for-50 passing (at least four incompletions are drops) for 454 yards and five touchdowns with no interceptions. He also has two rushing touchdowns.

Perhaps receiver Dez Bryant summed up Prescott best while live tweeting the game from back in Dallas:

"DAK is the truth."


Prescott Passes Yet Another Test With Best Performance So Far - Nick Eatman, Dallas Cowboys
Eatman correctly observes that Prescott has passed every test so far with flying colors.

Right now, Prescott is passing every single test that is in front of him. That first half was marvelous, especially the two-minute offense to lead them down for a field goal when he spiked the ball with so much poise and patience despite the clock winding down. I’m really not even counting those two possessions in the third quarter so much. Yeah, he wasn’t great, but his supporting cast was lacking as well. He gets a pass there.

When you think about it, what he did here Thursday night is the most impressive of his performances because it’s a simulation of what might have to happen. It’s one thing to start a game or come in after two series. But in a regular-season game, you never know when you’re going in. Prescott didn’t expect to come in this early, but he did, and he soon enough led the offense down the field for a score. That’s what you want from a backup – someone who is ready at any time.

Sullivan: Romo Shouldn’t Have Played, Elliott’s Night Among Thoughts - Jeff Sullivan, Dallas Cowboys
Sully offers a semi-random collection of thoughts about the Seattle game and and the whole preseason, among them this take on Dak Prescott.

Here’s my two cents: I’m incredibly optimistic with what he has shown. Don’t care what the competition is, he’s completed 78 percent of his passes in these last two weeks, mostly against starting defensive players. Like how he moves in the pocket, and as far as the reads, there were multiple seconds and even a third at Seattle. Still, for me it’s even more simplistic than that. It’s promise. The kid has promise, and he should only improve. What’s wrong with being excited about a young quarterback showing promise. When was the last time that happened with the Cowboys? How about Romo more than a decade ago.

Scout's Notebook: Elliott’s Finishing, Witten’s Catch, Swanson’s Retun, More - Bryan Broaddus, Dallas Cowboys
In addition to other observations, The Broad One weighs in on Prescott as well.

I was more impressed by the game that Dak Prescott played against the Seahawks than in his previous two where he had greater success. This defense is not easy to deal with, but I think he handled the pressure brilliantly the entire night with some big-time throws.

Keith Smith, by my count, had two special teams tackles in space on some difficult returners. There are just too many things he does for this team to put him on the street. He makes my 53.

Jerry Jones: 'I like what we're doing' with Dak Prescott -
Yeah, no kidding, Mr. Sports Owner Billionaire.

You can almost hear Jones' eyes light up as he describes Prescott and the potential he brings to Dallas. It's the first time since an unheralded Romo burst onto the scene a decade ago that the Cowboys' owner has shown such fire for a future signal-caller. And it should be equally as exciting for the team's fans, who might have their most rock-solid backup solution -- small sample size aside -- in years.


13 takeaways from Thursday: Ezekiel steals the show - Gregg Rosenthal,
On a night that included a scary Tony Romo injury, the Cowboys first-round draft pick looked impressive, Rosenthal writes.

In just seven carries, Elliott showed off his full arsenal. The No. 4 overall pick showed vision, picking the right holes. He showed power, running through Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor. And Elliott showed an incredible burst to get to the edge. He's a rare running back who combines power, speed, hands and the ability to block. (Just look at his effort on the play Romo was hurt.)

Sure, Elliott is running behind an offensive line that turned Darren McFadden into a top-five rusher. He has one of the best jobs in football and the skill set to take full advantage. That should only take pressure off Romo and lead to numbers that remind Cowboys fans of Emmitt Smith.

Scout's Eye: What Impressed & What Didn't From Thursday's Trip To Seattle | Dallas Cowboys
Bryan Broaddus unpacks a lot of observations from his trip to Seattle. All of them are highly readable, but we can only highlight two here:

I thought Terrell McClain was the best defensive lineman of the starters. He was active, quick off the snap and disruptive. He chased plays outside the tackle box -- which put him in position to finish. There were even snaps where Christine Michael tried to cut the ball back and he was square to the line, ready to make the play. The Seahawks guards struggled with him throughout the contest.

Something to keep an eye on – Austin Traylor took first team snaps with the offense when they went with their "12" and "13" personnel groups. I said this last week that Traylor is the most physical blocker of the tight ends not named Jason Witten and he is capable of doing the things that James Hanna does at the point of attack.


Positionless Football - Danny Kelly, The Ringer
In our Xs & Os post of the day, former SB Nation writer Danny Kelly takes a look at how the nickel has become the base defense in the NFL.

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