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Cowboys 2016 Training Camp: Is Mo Claiborne Getting His Mojo Back?

Somebody better check who is wearing the # 24 jersey that used to be worn by Mo Claiborne, that cat is showing he can ball.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

You've heard the comments, probably uttered  few of them as well. The Dallas Cowboys wasted an opportunity when they traded up to draft Morris Claiborne out of LSU. I will admit to having used the term "Pick 6" in a derogatory way on a few occasions when referencing the play of the Cowboys cornerback over the past few years.  My frustration, and no doubt yours, continued to grow at every opportunity. Even at a bargain rate it was questionable if Dallas made a smart choice to bring Mo back.

It seems that Mr. Claiborne is now hellbent on proving us all wrong, and that is something Cowboys fans will appreciate. Throughout OTAs and mini-camp we kept hearing things about the new and improved version of the one first-round draft pick during the Jason Garrett era who has failed to provide fruit. Many of us remain skeptical, but early indications from Oxnard are proving that things could be different this year. Claiborne is beginning to look like he might be one of the team's better investments for 2016.

That is not too shabby of a way to start the first padded practice of training camp. Most impressive is that Mo opened up working against Dez Bryant and he broke up a pair of early Tony Romo to Bryant attempts. It is easy to argue that the Cowboys most potent weapons were still shaking off some rust, but regardless Claiborne was out there to make plays and that is what he did.

Mo was working his magic from both sides of the Dallas defense. He shifted from right to left during the two hour workout and he was able to make plays from both positions. In addition to victimizing Bryant, he was also able to make plays against Terrance Williams and Devin Street.  In an effort to make sure the younger guys were not left out, he also played havoc on rookie Dak Prescott later in the session.

It is still early, and Mo has plenty left to prove before Dallas fans will become believers. We want to buy in, truly we do, but we have been burned before. Claiborne is off to a good start but there is plenty of practice time left and four exhibition games to be played. He is going to have to deliver. Keep giving us pass break-ups, Mo, and toss in a couple interceptions. That is what we are looking for. Things are looking up so far, but it will be long-term results that ultimately decide the future. Now is the time to prove the naysayers wrong.

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