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Former Dallas Assistant Coach Hubbard Alexander Passes Away

NFL assistant coaches labor in relative anonymity for the most part, so some may not realize the significance of coach Alexander, but the long time Dallas assistant played a huge role in the success of the dynasty-era teams.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hubbard Alexander came to the Dallas Cowboys after a successful stint with the University of Miami. When Jimmy Johnson made the leap from the college ranks he brought the man who had spent several seasons coaching the Hurricanes receiving corps to the NFL with him to help mold the Cowboys offense. It was a wise move to make because Alexander was the type of person who had the ability to immediately earn the respect of those whom he coached, including players beyond his specific area of responsibility,

One of those players who was under his responsibility was a guy named Michael Irvin. Hubbard Alexander had been Irvin's position coach throughout his collegiate years, and starting with his second professional season he would once again become a critical figure in the future Hall of Fame player's development. Thanks to the guidance provided by his mentor, the young receiver soon blossomed into one of the most prolific playmakers in the game. Irvin thought so much of the contributions that Alexander made to his career that he specifically referred to him as "my heart" during his enshrinement ceremony in Canton.

Former back up quarterback Jason Garrett also held Coach Alexander in high regard.

"He's just one of the all-time greats. You get a chance to be around some special people in the NFL, special players and special coaches, and he certainly is one of those guys. He did such an amazing job for those championship teams in the '90s. He was an amazing coach in so many different ways. If your job as a coach is to bring the best out in your players, he just was able to do that.  He connected so well with the receivers, but not only with the receivers — with everybody on offense and everybody on the team. He was so highly regarded. He was such a passionate guy. He will be sorely, sorely missed." - Jason Garrett

Coach did his job well and his impact on the team lasted beyond the tenure of the man who brought him to Dallas. He continued to work with the Cowboys receivers until 1997. After leaving the Metroplex, Hubbard worked two seasons for the Minnesota Vikings and four with the New Orleans Saints. His final coaching stint in football saw him serve as the head football coach for Melrose High School in Memphis.

Hubbard Alexander was 78. May he rest in peace.

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