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Cowboys Backup QB: All Eyes On Josh McCown, But What About Dak Prescott's Development?

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The Dallas Cowboys have two position groups this offseason that fans have constantly complained about. One is the defensive line, the other is the backup quarterback. In the eyes of many, they never effectively addressed either. And now the backup quarterback competition has been thrown into disarray with projected QB2 Kellen Moore breaking his leg in training camp. This has led to the Cowboys organization scrambling for a replacement, first pursuing Nick Foles, now looking to Josh McCown of the Cleveland Browns.

Our own OCC pointed out earlier that the pursuit of McCown would take the Cowboys back to the days of getting a very experienced veteran in as the backup, much like they did with Jon Kitna. This is not a bad strategy at all, and the case can be made that McCown is actually a better short-term option than Foles. But with Kellen Moore out, it begs the question, how is Dak Prescott progressing so far?

The Cowboys drafted Prescott in the fourth round of the draft and hoped to bring him along slowly. In college, Prescott was more of the dual-threat quarterback in the mold of a Cam Newton instead of a pure-passer, something the Cowboys offense is more built to handle. Given that, the Cowboys must have seen some things they really liked in Prescott, and the thinking must be they can teach him to fit the mold of their offense. A lot of that has to do with fundamentals, like taking snaps under center instead of in the shotgun. How is that working so far? Prescott thinks he's getting there.

"I've got to develop into a great professional quarterback and that's what I want to do," he said. "I want to sit in that pocket and make all the throws down the field, intermediate and short passes accurately and consistently. But as of right now, I think it's just consistently getting away from the center, getting my drops from under center and getting ready to make the pass and transitioning my weight, keeping my feet underneath me."

The Cowboys really are going back to square one with Prescott, betting that once he gets the fundamentals down, he will blossom into a viable candidate at quarterback. But no one expects that to be this year, except maybe Prescott. Players who have excelled at his level tend to be very confident. He's feeling good about where he is right now.

"No, my head's not spinning. I feel like it's a lot similar to what I went through in college," he told the station. "Obviously it's different, the speed, the depth of the playbook. It's a lot of stuff I've got to work on, continue to get better, but it's going good so far."

The preseason is going to be a very telling time for Prescott. If the Cowboys trade for a veteran like McCown, then Prescott is likely going to see playing time in hopes of developing his skills for down the road. But if the Cowboys can't get a McCown, they may have to settle for somebody more like T.J. Yates or Matt Flynn. If that's the case, could Prescott play his way in preseason into the competition for QB2? Besides McCown, not many of the names being floated around are that much more enticing than Kellen Moore was to many Cowboys fans.

What say you BTB, is there any scenario where you can see Dak Prescott becoming QB2?

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