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Cowboys Trade News: Josh McCown Acknowledges Trade Rumors, Saints Pursuing Ron Leary

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The Dallas Cowboys are in the market for a backup quarterback, and their target as of now is Josh McCown. So far, the Cleveland Browns are "reluctant" to trade McCown, which is really just code for driving the price up. It remains to be seen just how high the Browns are trying to drive the price, and just how desperate Dallas feels about getting the veteran McCown to backup Tony Romo. But one thing that is clear, the talks are happening, McCown acknowledged as much.

Josh McCown has heard the whispers.

With the Dallas Cowboys on the prowl for a quarterback, the veteran Browns passer acknowledged Thursday that the Cleveland brass have spoken with him about a potential trade.

"Just leave it like that," McCown said, per Tony Grossi of "We're on the same page."

So Cleveland's front office has already spoken to McCown about a possible trade. That tells us that this thing is pretty serious. McCown is from Texas and said that if he was going to go anywhere else, he would like to go to Dallas. He's been a Cowboys fan and wouldn't mind returning to the state.

Now, this thing might be a lot easier to solve if the Cowboys wanted Luke McCown instead of Josh McCown. Why? Because Luke plays for the New Orleans Saints, and apparently the Saints are hot to get backup guard Ron Leary from the Cowboys.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Thursday that fans should "keep an eye" on veteran guard Ronald Leary. Per a source informed of the talks, the Saints have pursued the experienced Cowboys blocker to no avail over the past few months.

So if Luke was as good as his brother Josh, then maybe this could be easily settled. Unfortunately, he's not. And one thing the Cowboys need, some pass rush help, is also something the Saints are looking for, too. We'll see if anything comes of this.

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