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Dallas Cowboy Training Camp Report: Dez Bryant And Morris Claiborne Battle It Out

Here is a full recap of Saturday's action.

Ready for another training camp report? Better stretch first.

Not Practicing

Quickly, here are the non-participants. Besides the usual suspects on PUP (Maliek Collins, Lance Dunbar, James Hanna, and Benson Mayowa) and NFI (Darren McFadden, Damien Wilson, and Jaylon Smith), the Cowboys gave three players the "veterans" day off - Doug Free, Brandon Carr, and Orlando Scandrick.

Wilson feels optimistic about his situation and even has a good sense of humor about it.

Justin Durant also did not practice.


In an attempt to strengthen depth on the offensive line, the Cowboys worked out two offensive lineman on Saturday - Aundrey Walker and Kevin Palmer. Walker played at USC and Palmer played at Baylor. Both players went undrafted in 2014.


Chaz Green

Tyron Smith had the day off yesterday and Doug Free was off today, so that means second-year tackle Chaz Green got two straight days with the starting unit. People have been wondering about Green, but there hasn’t been much reported about him. Garrett said in his press conference Saturday that Green had some ups and downs. Going against the one’s was challenging, but he keeps fighting. It’s tough to get a feel for where he is at, but it sounds like he’s still has a lot of work to do.

Tony Romo

The Romo to Dez Bryant bromance has been a little off thus far and continued like that today. There are times they look sharp, but there are still many times they are out of sync.

Dez Bryant vs. Morris Claiborne

With both the starting corners getting a day off, this opened up an opportunity for Morris Claiborne to battle it out with his nemesis, #88. Watching these two fight it out has provided a lot of enjoyment. Dez is an All Pro wide receiver, but Mo is able to hold his own time and time again.

Here is Dez winning:

And here’s Mo winning.

Here’s Dez winning again.

And here’s Mo winning again

Things got much easier for Dez when Josh Thomas went up against him.

Cole Beasley

Tony Romo finds Beas in the back of the end zone.

Andy Jones

If you haven’t signed up for a pet cat, this might be the one to get.

This kid has amazing hands, but the does he have the footwork to get open? Deji Olatoye would answer yes on this play.

The buzz for the Cowboys undrafted free agent receiver continues to go strong. But could the hype turn into a legitimate roster spot? He’s not only making plays on a regular basis, but he’s getting some reps with the first team. People were wondering if Brice Butler would challenge Terrance Williams for the teams #2 WR spot. I think that hypothesis can be put to rest, but a more reasonable question is - does Brice have enough to keep the #5 spot from Jones?

Brice Butler

Not to be pushed aside, Butler had a good showing today. He is becoming more and more comfortable with the offense and made some good catches, including a touchdown from Dak Prescott.

Dak Prescott

The Cowboys new second-string quarterback looked better today. Not only is he showing good arm strength, but his mobility has been on full display as well as he’s been throwing on the run. Nick Eatman had this to say about him:

During a play-action period, Prescott made a good fake on the ball, rolled to his left and then, across his body, fired a pass back to the middle to an open Goeff Swaim. It’s not something quarterback coaches love to see because most quarterbacks can’t make the throw consistently because their feet aren’t set. Prescott made the throw with relative ease. He also showed nice touch on the ball during a Red-Zone period as well.

Dak to Rico

Tight ends

This is Mike Pope getting his group ready for the 400m individual medley at the Olympics.

Darius Jackson


Morris Claiborne

It may sound like a broken record to constantly be praising Claiborne in camp, but since that is what this report is about - we got to keep giving him props. He is one of the steadiest performers in camp thus far. And even though he’s technically the teams number three corner (for now), he’s constantly making plays against good receivers. It doesn’t get any tougher than going against Dez.

Mo’s confidence right now is sky high.

Charles Tapper

The rookie is going to have some growing pains, but losing a battle to a tackle nobody has heard of isn’t what you want to see.

Anthony Brown

I’m trying to keep my pet cats from overpopulating so I’m not mocked by my friends. Alfred Morris is my free agent pet cat, David Irving is my sophomore pet cat, and then there’s my rookie feline, Anthony Brown.

Bryan Broaddus explains why he’s been so good and PBU’s.

What trait has stood out for Brown has been his ability to deny the receiver the ball. He has been solid reading routes and playing in space. In the last line of my college notes on him I said "He has the traits of a complete corner." In these practices we are seeing just that.

Dan Bailey

You all know what a made field goal looks like, but kickers are people too with real feelings, so here is a very unexciting clip of Bailey doing what he do. He’s a Pro Bowler now, so he deserves a little love.

Guess who showed up at Cowboys camp again this year?

The players love having Denzel at camp. Just once I wish Jason Garrett would let him yell at the team and say...

"You drop a pass, you run a mile. You miss a blocking assignment, you run a mile. You fumble the football, and I will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts...and then you’ll run a mile."

Joking aside, the former Titans coach did offer up some real football advice.

I asked fans via twitter to tell me what Denzel Washington movie titles remind them of Cowboys players. Here are some of their answers...

Okay, Matt had too much fun with this. He had many more in fact, too many to list. How about you - what Denzel movies titles do you think best represent Cowboys players?

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