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Cowboys Camp Battle: Who Ya Got, Dak Prescott vs. Jameill Showers?

If the Cowboys stand pat at backup quarterback, who wins the competition?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the moment, let’s pretend that the Dallas Cowboys continue on with their experiment at backup quarterback and don’t sign a veteran. Suppose that what Jerry Jones said after the Blue/White scrimmage carries all the way through the preseason.

"Oh, I'm really more encouraged after this about holding our pat hand on a veteran than before this," Jones said. "And as we go along, if we continue to see this kind of improvement and see this kind of instinctive [play] and [they] really look very comfortable back there, that will give us some running room here, give us some options."

The Cowboys have four preseason games to make a decision, although if they were going to bring in a veteran, sooner rather than later is preferable. But, for argument sake, let’s say the Cowboys eschew a veteran and go with what they have.

Who ya got as the number two guy, Dak Prescott or Jameill Showers?

Dak Prescott

Reasons he could be QB2:

  • The Cowboys spent a draft pick on him in the middle rounds, they would like him to be their guy of the future. As long as he’s progressing, they will likely give him the benefit of the doubt. He might have a built-in edge on Showers.
  • Currently, he seems to be the number two quarterback based on how snaps are being allocated at practices. Incumbency means Showers would have to move ahead of him.
  • He’s been in big games under huge pressure before. Might be a gamer, a guy who shows his best during games. Poise and leadership may come into play once on the field.

Jameill Showers

Reasons he could be QB2:

  • Has one year of experience in the Cowboys system and familiarity with the NFL game. Gives him a bit of a head start.
  • So far in training camp, he’s outplayed Prescott in the view of most observers. At this moment in time, he is probably the better option.
  • Everybody raves about his arm strength and that he throws a nice ball. Probably mechanically more sound than Prescott at this moment.

Since we have a little while to go until September, you‘re going to have to project this out. How much can Prescott improve his mechanics and get comfortable in the Cowboys offense in the preseason? Can Showers continue to play "hot" and does he have the talent to be a true number two given his low draft pedigree?

So come Week 1, if the Cowboys haven’t signed a veteran backup quarterback, who will be QB2 - Prescott or Showers?

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