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Find Out Which Cowboys Made The List Of Potential 2017 Hall Of Fame Inductees

Plenty of former Cowboys dot the list of 2017 Hall of Fame candidates.

Darren Woodson #28 Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The NFL announced the preliminary list of 2017 Hall of Fame candidates. There were 94 names on the list, that will be whittled down to 15 as we approach the final voting. It was already announced in the offseason that Jerry Jones is up for a potential spot as a Contributor along with former commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

So which Cowboys are in the mix?

Darren Woodson (‘92 - ‘03) - Of all the names on the list, the most likely to get in along with Jerry Jones. Woodson was one of the best to play his position.

Jimmy Johnson (‘89 - ‘93) - His time was short-lived in Dallas, but what a time it was. Just can’t help think what would have happened had he and Jerry been able to co-exist.

Nate Newton (‘86 - ‘98) - One of the more colorful characters to play the game. Has his off-the-field issues affected his chances at the Hall?

Daryl Johnston (‘89 - ‘99) - The Moose is as beloved as any Cowboy to play the game by the fanbase. But fullbacks in the Hall are rare.

Everson Walls (‘81 - ‘89) - A ball-hawking corner who had an amazing rookie year.

The following guys are kind of part-time Cowboys. They also spent important parts of their careers with other teams.

Herschel Walker (‘86 - ‘89)(‘96 - ‘97) - He should be in the Cowboys Hall of Fame for bringing the team all those draft picks that led to the 90s dynasty.

Terrell Owens (‘06 - ‘08) - His persona overshadowed his talents, but certainly worthy of the Hall on numbers alone.

Aging stars from other teams who played in Dallas in their twilight.

Drew Bledsoe (‘05 - ‘06) - Will always be remembered as the guy who got pushed aside for Tom Brady and Tony Romo. Still, had a solid career.

Zach Thomas (‘08) - A great linebacker, but not so great once he got to Dallas.

Randall Cunningham (‘00) - It’s hard to think about this former nemesis from the Eagles playing a year in Dallas.

Eddie George (‘04) - A great, physical running back who was wore out by the time he wore the Star.

Ray Donaldson (‘95 - ‘96) - Productive center for Dallas, even in his old age.

And a special shoutout.

Dan Reeves (Player ‘65 - ‘72) (Asst. coach ‘70 - ‘80) - Reeves is being considered for his head coaching jobs, especially his time in Denver. But he was a solid player for Dallas, and and assistant coach for many years. In fact, for a few years in the early 70s he was a player and an assistant coach for Dallas.

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