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Six Winners & Four Losers From The Cowboys Win Over Washington

Let’s take a look at who shined and who faltered in the Cowboys big NFC East victory on Sunday over Washington.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

A record of 1-1 sounds so much better than 0-2. The Cowboys may not have saved their season on Sunday, writing a team off after only two games is a little much, but they certainly made it much easier seeing them in contention after their come-from-behind victory over Washington. Let’s check out the good and the bad from that contest.


Dak Prescott - You can’t say enough about the poise Prescott shows on the field. He looks like he’s been in the NFL for roughly seven years. Not a single interception on the season, and a game-winning drive in the fourth quarter that may be his coming out party. For the first time in forever, there is a sense of belief that things can continue on without Tony Romo, whenever that time comes.

Dez Bryant - It’s been a long time since Dez had a day like Sunday. His first 100-yard game since November of last year, and the most catches in a game since November of of 2014. The Cowboys made sure to get their star involved early and it paid off. We now know that a Dak-to-Dez connection is doable.

Cole Beasley - The diminutive one is flourishing with Prescott under center. In two games Beasley has been targeted 18 times and had 13 receptions. He’s averaging 70 yards per game and has been a valuable option on third down. Against Washington he averaged a whopping 15 yards per catch, not bad for a guy we usually think of as a short-pass specialist.

Morris Claiborne - Maybe the good play during training camp and preseason weren’t a fluke this year. The much-maligned Claiborne has been stellar this season, playing tight coverage without getting flagged, and being physical when called upon to stop a ball carrier. Could it be that Pick 6 has finally turned a corner?

Barry Church - We probably owe this as much to Kirk Cousins as we do Church, but still, he made the play. When the Cowboys desperately needed a stop in the fourth quarter to preserve a chance at coming back, Church stepped in and provided a huge turnover.

Cowboys Playoff Chances - Would 0-2 have been a death knell for the Cowboys’ playoff hopes? Probably not, but the hole would have been very deep. At 1-1, all things are still possible.


Ezekiel Elliott - Elliott finally started to look the part of a lead-dog running back who could power the Cowboys offense with his legs. He ripped off 83 yards and a touchdown while averaging four yards a carry. He even had a long run of 21 yards. Then came the fumbles. Two of them. In the second half of a tight game. Elliott isn’t known as a fumbler, so this may be just a fluke. He knows he has to do a better job.

Terrance Williams - MIA. Williams was targeted zero times. No catches, no impact. After last week’s disastrous ending, Williams wasn’t even missed as the Cowboys pulled off a big win on the road in the NFC East.

Cowboys Pass Rush - The Cowboys did have two sacks on the day and hit Kirk Cousins on occasion. So it wasn’t all bad. But there were stretches of plays were Cousins had time to write a novel before picking out a receiver, a better quarterback might have ripped Dallas apart.

Cowboys Redzone Passing - As much praise as we heap on Dak Prescott, so far the Cowboys have failed when it comes to sticking the ball in the end zone through the air. Dallas had several misfires on fades to Dez Bryant among other blown chances. Running the ball near the goal line seems like the smarter option at this point.

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