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Monday Night Football Live Thread: Eagles @ Bears

A very interesting game for Cowboys fans to watch tonight on Monday Night Football.

Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears

Tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles should hold special interest for fans of the Dallas Cowboys. There are multiple storylines to keep us, the fanbase, interested.

First, it’s the Philadelphia Eagles. And there is hardly a time when any self-respecting Cowboys fan is not rooting for the Eagles to lose a game. The only time we might not root against the Eagles is when it will help the Cowboys, and even then it’s a tough debate. But tonight, rooting for our NFC East brethren to lose is an easy task.

There’s also the side-action of watching Carson Wentz. It might be that a Wentz versus Dak Presott debate could be something that preoccupies us for years to come. With Prescott putting on a sublime performance on Sunday, can Wentz match? Wentz was on fire in his first game, can he keep it up?

And finally, there are the Chicago Bears. Want to get a peek at next week’s Cowboys opponent? Watch tonight and see what the Bears are up to this season.

This is an open thread for game chat.

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