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Dallas Cowboys Roster: Possible Waiver Claim Targets For Dallas During 53-Man Cutdown

Some cuts are coming and the Cowboys should start claiming some folks, Am I right?

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One good thing about having an absolutely dreadful season is the fact that you have a premium parking spot for any waived players. The Cowboys have the fourth spot for claiming any cuts. One man's surplus is another man's needs. Dallas has played it close to the vest by not trying to trade for their needs as they are aware some players will be tossed on the heap and they have a really good shot at them in the pecking order for claims.

Teams have already started to trim down their rosters ahead of tomorrow's 53-man deadline. We know better than anyone that this is the spot where guys like Stephen Jones and Will McClay love to go to work. Remember, one of the Cowboys' favorite utility men in Jack Crawford was a guy that got cut by the Raiders and McClay scooped him up. There a lot of names already being released that could tickle the Cowboys' fancy. Need a backup QB? Perhaps a pass rusher or seven? This is where the Cowboys' need to start digging. Just remember, for anyone you pick up, somebody goes to the heap. Here are some names that could help upgrade some of the 'trouble' areas on the Cowboys' roster.

QB, Aaron Murray, Chiefs

It's no secret that the Cowboys really liked Murray when he came out of college from Georgia. Sometimes things don't work out when you want them too but that's when second chances come along. Now, we've heard confirmation from Broaddus as to their liking of the third-year quarterback. However, we've also been hearing that the Cowboys would prefer a signal-caller that has done it in live NFL games. So far, Murray hasn't taken any snaps other than preseason exhibition.

He's a veteran in the sense that he's been on an NFL roster for three seasons. With Dak Prescott as the starter at the moment, they may be keen on having a veteran backup with some skins on the wall. All we know is that the Cowboys really like Murray and he's someone to keep an eye on.

DE, Tyrone Holmes, Jaguars

Going a bit understated around the league is how Gus Bradley is building himself quite a defense in Jacksonville. With a young quarterback in Blake Bortles, a solid defense is only going to help his progression. Holmes was a first-team All-American and had 18 sacks for Montana. He's a young guy with a lot of effort and speed off the edge, he just finds ways to make plays. However, he's one too many on a crowded roster in Jacksonville. The Cowboys are in no position to turn down defensive line help.

Just about every single edge rusher was unimpressive throughout the preseason. Ryan Russell had been given every chance to win a job and he didn't impress. David Irving still has a ton of upside but was sidelined dealing with a few nicks and bruises. If you want to know what Holmes is about, maybe this is something to wet the palette.

DE, Ryan Davis, Jaguars

Considering the fact that the Cowboys' leading sack artist is Orlando Scandrick with 9.5 and that Davis has 11 career sacks, sign this dude. It can't be overstated how much help this defense is going to need as they deal with suspensions and youth. Davis is a fourth-year veteran who also has forced three fumbles in his time with the Jags. Dallas is looking for a high-motor guy for their rotation. Davis has been at his best as a rotational player. It makes too much sense to at least kick the tires on a guy that has shown to be productive.

When it comes to good defensive teams letting go of guys, it's hard to not want to go out and start cherry picking. With as many questions that were left unanswered, this is a good place to start for the Cowboys. We've let some younger guys make a push and they didn't, now it's time to build a winning roster. Davis isn't All-World, but he's not just a scrub either.

LB, Donald Butler, Cardinals

Another thing that the Cowboys' found out this offseason is that they have a lot of guys at linebacker but not a lot of substance there. Nobody is 100% comfortable with anyone not named Sean Lee. With Rolando McClain suspended, they need some help in the middle of their defense. Butler isn't going to replace McClain but he's got some skins on the wall to help a team in need. He's only 27 years old, has started 62 games, all with the Chargers.

Last season, he started nine games and had 43 tackles, half a sack, and a forced fumble. At this point, he could add depth in the middle. Butler isn't going to transform the defense but he certainly could be worth taking a look at.

These are just a few guys to kick the tires on...stay tuned to BTB as we dive through signings, cuts, and everything under the sun as it pertains to the Dallas Cowboys.

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