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Cowboys Drop Redskins: What They Are Saying About The Cowboys Win

It's amazing what a win can do, everyone in Cowboys Nation is breathing a sigh of relief. The Cowboys' avoid going 0-2 in their division.

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What an amazing change of perception from one week to the other, am I right? The Dallas Cowboys were able to change their narrative in one week as they drop the Redskins to 0-2 on the year and now Dallas moves into 1-1. We talk about how important it is to avoid going 0-2 on the year. Since the league reorganized in 2002, 116 teams have gone 0-2 to start the year and only 12 teams, 10.3%, have made the postseason. In regards to Washington, 0-2 at home, only one team, 2003 Eagles made the postseason after losing their first two games on their own turf. For the Cowboys, it was very important to make it happen and get that win. We're all just thankful that we don't have to worry about an 0-2 start. So, as the great, Ric Flair would say; "What's Causin' All This?"

Dak-A-Mania Runs Wild

At no point last season when the Cowboys walked into these games did they have confidence in any quarterback not named Tony Romo. What this team has seen in Dak Prescott tells you everything you need to know; they believe in his abilities to make plays and keep them ahead of the chains. Dak Prescott was outstanding in this game and he won them the ballgame with his poise and composure. In fact, Dak Prescott has been outstanding and it's really been something they missed without Romo last season.

Dez Bryant Returns To The Offense

After only having one catch for eight yards last game, Bryant had seven receptions on 12 targets for 102 yards. He wasn't able to get a touchdown catch but Washington really covered him up in the red zone. Still, Dak got help from Dez when it mattered most and that's what you want from your All-Pro receiver. They moved him around and got him in the position to make plays. His matchup with Josh Norman came late as the Redskins prefer to play sides. They put Breeland on Dez to start and it was off to the races. The slants were there and Bryant made sure that he made plays when his number was called. You could see that he's building chemistry with Dak and that's important.

Cole Beasley Is A Small Package Of Power

When you have the deceptive weapon like Cole Beasley, it comes in handy when you need a third down conversion. Beasley is currently rocking 13 receptions for 140 yards and 11 yards per reception. The Cowboys were great in 2014 and Beasley helped them dominate on third downs. This season, they will need Beasley's production to continue and he seems to be the trigger guy for Prescott. Anytime Dak is needing to get the ball out, it seemingly has gone Beasley's way.

How About Justin Durant?

Another standout in 2014, while he was healthy, was Justin Durant. Now, Durant's tape from the game wasn't all roses but he made some really huge plays that contributed to this victory. With all the questions about Anthony Hitchens play, having Durant in their back pocket is a huge plus. It was always going to be about playing himself into shape and he seems to be getting better with every rep. If they really have an issue moving forward trusting Hitchens at the Mike position, Durant may be ready sooner rather than later. He and Sean Lee closed that game out and brought home the W for the defense.

Sacks and Interceptions? Which team is this?

Perhaps the biggest issue the Cowboys faced last season besides not having Romo is that the defense couldn't get turnovers or sacks. Through two games, they have four sacks and two interceptions. Of course, we sure hope this is a sign of things to come. They were very successful in 2014 by getting turnovers. It's a work in progress on the defensive line but it is encouraging to see that they are at least getting in the sack and turnover columns. Tyrone Crawford got his sack exactly after the commentators were discussing how he needed to step up.

Two defensive backs have interceptions and they are from guys you wouldn't expect. Brandon Carr got his in week one, the first Carr has had in two years. Barry Church saved the Cowboys from a go-ahead score when he picked off Kirk Cousins in the end zone. The Cowboys need a lot more from their defense but hopefully it's a positive sign moving forward. It's that "Wefense" mentality that the Cowboys have to keep going. They're going to bend a lot but it's the will to not break and stay in the game that will help this defense become a success.

All in all, it's just a nice feeling to be in the win column and now the Cowboys will prepare for a primetime matchup against the Chicago Bears next week.

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