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Cowboys News: Personnel Changes Looming As Dallas Preps For Bears

With Chicago on the horizon, the Dallas Cowboys are making some changes in preparation for the hunt.

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QB controversy? What QB controversy, Roger Staubach asks - Charean Williams, Ft. Worth Star Telegram

Speaking of the great one, Roger Staubach also gave his opinion of a possible looming controversy in Dallas.

"I think they found a diamond in the rough there in the fourth round," Staubach said of Prescott. "He’s just a confident guy, and you’ve got to transfer your own confidence to your teammates or you can’t get it done as a quarterback. That’s one of the most important things you can do is transfer your confidence to them. It seems like that’s what he does. They all believe in him."

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In retrospect it seems hard to believe that there were ever doubts about Staubach being the man in Dallas, but with the exception of Danny White, Roger probably knows more about the effects of a QB controversy than any passer in Dallas history, so he speaks from experience.

Our own VAfan gives you his impressions on a budding 'situation' at QB here.

Orlando Scandrick missing second straight practice - Todd Archer, ESPN

Over the past several seasons Orlando Scandrick has been the best of the Dallas corners, and his presence on the field is vital for Dallas' defense to experience success. Right now a pair of hamstrings are keeping him from playing up to par, and like he stated he is not a car than can just have new parts put in. He needs to heal to be an impact maker.

"I’m not going to go out there and play 70 percent or 75 percent of myself," Scandrick said. "The answer is no. ... It’s changed because I can’t be myself. I’m not going to continue to put bad film on there and have people think, ‘Oh, he lost a step,’ ‘Oh, he doesn’t have it.’ No, I’m not f---ing healthy. That’s what it is. It’s not fair. It’s not fair to me."

Scandrick takes pride in his work, and he does not want to deliver a sub-par effort.

Justin Durant likely to supplant Anthony Hitchens at linebacker - Clarence E. Hill, Jr., Ft, Worth Star Telegram

The linebacker position was an area to be exploited at Washington on Sunday, and the veteran linebacker making his second stint in Dallas will be given an opportunity to rectify the situation against Chicago. Hitchens has been filling the role vacated by Rolando McClain while Durant works himself back into the role formerly filled by McClain.

"Initially when he was coming back, because he missed all the time, we didn’t work him back in immediately in training camp and in the preseason," coach Jason Garrett said. "But I think we’re beyond that. Having said that, we want to make sure Hitch gets some snaps – Hitch is worthy of getting some snaps."

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Defense's Takeaway Total Off To A Good Start, But Could Have More - Rob Phillips,

Rod Marinelli's defensive philosophy is predicated on taking the ball away from the opposition. In 2015 the defense did not live up to the standard they set for themselves during the successful 2014 season and the results spoke for themselves. Thus far they are looking better than last year's unit, but the former Marine sergeant will be staying on top of his personnel and pushing for more as the season develops.

The defensive coordinator goes into further detail on his expectations and intentions for the defense in this second piece also from Rob Phillips.

That’s why Marinelli will keep "mixing and matching" combinations.

"They know guys that play good, I mean, you’re on an interview every week. Unpack everything except your toothbrush," Marinelli said. "I like these guys. I’ve said that from the beginning. They really work at it.

"What you're looking at right now is just trying to get the right four. Whoever it is, wherever it is. And it’s really the right seven. They’ve all got to be able to come in and help us."

Meanwhile, the Cowboys' newest defensive end, Ryan Davis looks to be getting ready for his first game action as a Cowboy.


Cowboys' vaunted O-line hasn't been bad, but hasn't been dominant; so what (if anything) is wrong? - Brandon George, Dallas Morning News

The Dallas O-line has more talent than any other unit in the NFL, so there is little reason the Cowboys' first-round draft pick Ezekiell Elliott has only 134 yards rushing after two games. Quarterback Dak Prescott is not getting the protection he needs either. The line just is not dominating the opposition the way we think it should. What is going on?

"Pro Bowlers or non-Pro Bowlers, it's irrelevant. All that [expletive] is all [expletive], it doesn't matter," Cowboys offensive line coach Frank Pollack said. "What we're going to do is worry about what today is. Today is Wednesday, and we want to get better at Wednesday. Whether that's your first step on this wide zone block or your second step on this tight zone block, that's what we're focusing on. All that other [expletive] is meaningless."

Cowboys WR Dez Bryant is in a good mood because he feels good - Charean Williams, Ft. Worth Star Telegram

Coming on the heels of his first 100-yard game in nearly a year, Dez Bryant is in a good mood.

"I’ve been in a good mood all week," the Cowboys receiver said. "I just feel good, probably because I’m in shape. Feeling good. We work here. We work hard. Feeling good. Nothing different. Just feeling good."

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With another opportunity coming up against the Bears this weekend, Dez should have an even better week next week.

Troy Aikman: Dak Prescott excelling at the thing NFL draft pundits thought made him a 'project' pick - SportsDay Staff, Dallas Morning News

Aikman certainly knows a thing or two about quarterbacking the Dallas Cowboys, and he has the rings to prove it. Recently he gave his thoughts about the young passer who is attempting to become the next to walk the path to greatness that was once traveled by Aikman and a few select others named Meredith, Staubach, and Romo.

[Aikman] added that the fourth-round draft pick is "a heck of a player" for Dallas and it's amazing what he's been able to show through just two games.

"And to win that game in a close game on the road to get your first victory is really big," Aikman said. "It took me a year from when I started my first game as a rookie before I got to experience what it was like to win a game, and for him it took all of one week. So I think there's plenty more of those coming for Dak Prescott with the Dallas Cowboys."

Cowboys OC Scott Linehan: Ezekiel Elliott's fumbles 'lit a little fire there that we've got to put out' - Jon Machota, Dallas Morning News

Rookie Ezekiel Elliott fumbled a couple times against Washington and that has Coaches Linehan and Garrett stressing ball security to everyone on the offense.

"Well, we've got to coach and keeping coaching it," Linehan said Thursday. "It's got to be the most important thing we do on offense while we're running our schemes and our plays. Protecting the football is paramount for everything we do."

Makes you wonder how long it will be before somebody is carrying a football everywhere he goes around the Star, doesn't it?

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