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Watch Odell Beckham Jr. Cry & Get Hit In The Head By The Kicking Net [VIDEO]

NFL: Washington Redskins at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys got some help in the morning game as the Washington Redskins beat the New York Giants, 29-27 after Eli Manning sealed the deal with his second interception on the Giants' final drive. The Redskins would do some weird stuff to pull off the win. They had a shot to score right before the first half when Kirk Cousins took a sack that ran off all the remaining time, coming up empty. Then, they pulled off a risky fake punt in the second half that set up a field goal.

The Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Josh Norman battle had it’s moments, but the most excitement came when Giants center, Weston Richburg was ejected after laying out Norman after a OBJ run. It was his second unsportsmanlike penalty of the game and makes him the first player to get tossed after the implementation of this new rule.

It was definitely frustrating for Beckham Jr. who’s most talked about moment won’t come from his battle with Norman, but rather a kicking net.

There were no flags thrown on this play, but the net did issue an apology after the game.

Beckham also cried on the sideline during the game.

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