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What Sets Dak Prescott Apart From Other Cowboys Backup Quarterbacks?

What is it that sets Dak Prescott apart from his immediate predecessors as the Dallas backup quarterback?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are 2-1 under Dak Prescott. Things could be better, but as we learned in 2015 they could be a whole lot worse as well. It is not just the record that is improved, watching the Cowboys offense on the field you will notice that the whole unit appears different than it did last season. The swagger is back in the Dallas offense despite the fact that starting quarterback Tony Romo has been sidelined with another injury.

Why is that?

Prescott is a fourth-round rookie passer who has taken Dallas by storm and has delivered more victories in three games than any Dallas back up quarterback since Jon Kitna. He has one thing going for him that the others did not, the confidence of his team. Dak came to the Cowboys with a reputation built on success. Kyle Orton, Brandon Weedon, and Matt Cassell did not. Each of those men brought a "Meh" reputation with them. There was little to inspire the confidence that players need to have in a quarterback.

Prescott came to the team with a reputation for winning. He was a critical part, maybe the most important part, of the re-emergence of Mississippi State as an SEC program. Dak guided the Bulldogs to their first ever national number one ranking in the polls, and he took the team to three consecutive bowl games. When it comes down to it the Cowboys rookie has proven that he can deliver. Those around him understand this, and they know that he is capable of delivering for Dallas.

What did the other three passers do before coming to the Metroplex? That's right; not too much. The certainly did not prove their worth in prior stops. Prescott did and it makes all the difference. The SEC might not be the National Football League, but competition-wise it is arguably the next best thing. Prescott won there, made his bones against darned good competition, and earned his shot with to lead the Cowboys. He proved it while the others did not.

That is what makes the Dallas Cowboys believe in their young quarterback. Come to think of it, that is what they feel about Romo as well.

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