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The Mystery Continues Around Dez Bryant’s Knee Injury, Results May Be Coming Today

It’s a curious thing as the Cowboys will basically give no clarity about Dez Bryant’s knee.

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The mystery continues. After Dez Bryant hurt his knee in the games against the Chicago Bears, the Cowboys took X-rays and let Bryant continue to play. Coach Jason Garrett said it looked like the knee might had been bothering him some in the game, but Bryant, a very tough player, finished the game and even scored a touchdown.

The events after the game are when the mystery begins. Reportedly in the locker room after the game, Dez Bryant gathered his stuff and told reporters he’d be right back to talk. He never showed back up. The Cowboys said they were going to give Bryant an MRI on Monday to see if there was any damage more than the just the knee sprain, as they labeled it. Monday came and went with no MRI. Then Jerry Jones said that they might give him one on Tuesday, but that he assumed he was a ‘go’ for this week. Now, it’s Wednesday, and Jason Garrett announced at his press conference that Bryant will not be practicing today.

Apparently, though, an MRI has been done as Dez tweeted this out this morning in response to a question about no word on the MRI findings.

Garrett also said in the press conference:

So why have the Cowboys waited this long to get an answer, or at least share an answer? We are three days removed from the Chicago game.

Is this potentially bad news for Dallas, Dez and the fans? Or are we just nervous because of a lack of information? We’ll find out today - we hope.

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