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Dez Bryant Feared The Worst About His Knee Injury, Skipped MRI & Meetings

Jason Garrett fills in the details on the great mystery surrounding Dez Bryant’s knee.

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It took a while for the full story to come out about why it took so long to diagnose Dez Bryant’s knee injury. Today, it seems like Jason Garrett has closed the loop on some of the remaining questions.

It all started when the Cowboys claimed that Bryant would get an MRI done on Monday after the Bears game. That day came and went with no MRI being performed. Jerry Jones followed up on Tuesday morning with a typical Jerry moment. Simultaneously shedding light while also making things murkier.

“He hasn’t taken an MRI, to my knowledge,” Jones said. “I’m assuming that he’s on go. But I don’t – will he get an MRI here, probably later today? Maybe.”

“I don’t want it to sound anyway. I’m always concerned,” Jones said. “This is their day off, and we’ll monitor him through the day. It may be that later in the day he does an MRI, and if he does, we’ll give the results.”

Finally on Wednesday, Dez had an MRI preformed. It showed a hairline fracture to his tibia plateau near the knee.

So the big question became why did it take so long. Last night, we learned that Dez had skipped the MRI and meetings that he was required to do.

The delay in the diagnosis of Dez Bryant's injury is because the Pro Bowl receiver missed team meetings on Tuesday and showed up late to the facility, missing a scheduled MRI, multiple sources said.

Bryant underwent an MRI Wednesday that revealed the receiver suffered a hairline fracture of the tibial plateau on his right knee, sources said. This is where the tibia connects to the knee.

So what happened? Why would Dez skip it? Dez was scared of what they might find, according to Jason Garrett.

He had X-rays after the game and, according to Garrett, received information that had him suspecting "it was a serious injury."

The frustration of possibly missing significant time for the second straight year was apparently too much.

"It stems from someone who is very passionate about what he does, and he did not handle this the right way," Garrett said. "He expressed that to me. He expressed that to other coaches and teammates. You can understand why he did what he did, given the passion that he has for the game and for this football team and where he thought he was.”

Dez isn’t expected to practice today although Garrett keeps up the idea that he could practice tomorrow and play on Sunday. Most people doubt that Bryant will play Sunday, and there are timetables for him to miss 1-3 weeks.

Garret also said there will be repercussions for Bryant missing the meetings and the MRI, but didn’t say what those were. Presumably, they will be fines.

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