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Cowboys Roster Moves: Believe It Or Not, The Sanchez Move Makes Sense

It will not be a popular move, but bringing in Mark Sanchez is a good move by the Dallas front office.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

If someone had warned me that I would be writing a post about why the Dallas Cowboys made a solid move by signing Mark Sanchez I would have thought they were crazy. With the way things have unfolded over the past couple weeks it makes perfect sense.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is "What was the front office looking for?" The answer to that question is that they were looking for someone with some significant NFL experience who could come in to a pressure situation and turn in a credible performance should something happen to Dak Prescott while the team waits for Tony Romo's return. Mark Sanchez is not the quarterback you are going to turn to as the savior of the franchise; he is a journeyman-level passer who can fill in at a moment's notice, but also someone who the team can jettison once his usefulness comes to an end.

Some may have preferred that Dallas bring in a younger quarterback like Aaron Murray, who was released by the Chiefs. If the Cowboys were looking for a longer-term solution that would be the sensible move to make, but the Cowboys have their back up already in house. They don't need a a guy to develop into that role. Their situation requires someone who can give them a reasonable NFL-level performance at a moment's notice while serving as a short-term rental. We may not like it, but that is the need in Dallas

That is the same reason John Elway wanted to bring in Sanchez for the Broncos. He is a decent piece on which to hedge the bets being placed on the youngsters. He knows how to prepare for a professional football game from both the perspective of a starter and as a backup. He is not someone who is intimidated by being in the spotlight. After all, Sanchez has been the starting quarterback in New York. He has proven that he can handle the criticism that comes from playing in the spotlight. Those are intangible assets for someone in his situation.

Mark Sanchez has won games in the National Football League. He might not be the man anyone would prefer to have leading their offense, but he is someone who does give you a fighting chance. That is what coaches ask for from their backup quarterback. He is not expected to take the team on his shoulders and carry them to victory. Just manage the game and do enough to win. Mark Sanchez can do that.

Sanchez, like Tony Romo, will always have his name associated with one negative play. I refer to the butt fumble. There is more to the veteran quarterback than just that one play. He has experienced his moments in the sun and delivered. There might not have been as many of those moments as he and his teams would have liked, but they are there. The hope is that Sanchez never takes a competitive snap for the Cowboys; he is an insurance policy against the loss off Prescott. His term will expire once Romo returns.

For now he is a needed asset for the team, nothing more.

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