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We’re Starting Blogging The Boys T-Shirt Sales Today!

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Get the first of many exclusive BTB shirts.

Greetings BTB,

Over the years, I’ve been asked about Blogging The Boys t-shirts. Basically, people wanted to know if we were ever going to sell them. It was something I always considered but never got around to doing - until now! Thanks to a partnership with Gameday Depot, we’re going to create a line of t-shirts that will include the sensibilities of the BTB community.

We’re starting with the following design. You can purchase the t-shirt here.

With the 2016 season getting ready to start, get yourself some fresh gear celebrating your favorite team and Blogging The Boys. Consider it kind of a community pass, you might even run into another BTB member wearing their swag somewhere in  he real world!

We get that not everybody will want to be involved in this, and that’s totally cool, but for those interested - welcome to BTB T-shirts!

Purchase the "EZE" shirt here.