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Cowboys News & Notes: Can Ezekiel Elliott Break Rookie Rushing Record?

There are new toys for the coaching staff to use in the offensive backfield, but Jerry Jones also bought a new toy for his own use.

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Ezekiel Elliott wants to break Eric Dickerson's rookie rushing record - Mike Batista, The Sports Daily

Ezekiel Elliot has lofty goals being set for him by the fanbase, but it looks like the former Ohio State Buckeye has also set some lofty standards for himself.

“He told me through his agent that he was going to break my record,” Dickerson said. “I just laughed and said, ‘Good luck.’ Many have said that; all have failed.”

Dickerson carried the ball for 1,808 yards during his rookie season to set an NFL record. None of us will object to seeing a new name being etched into the history books.

Bart Scott says Cowboys are better off with Dak Prescott over Tony Romo - John Breech, CBSSports

There is some logic behind what Scott has to say, but you also have to wonder if he has missed the last two seasons.

"[Dak] has live legs, he has a live arm and he has confidence -- and he has the support of his team. His teammates know that he can play. Everybody wants to discredit what he did during the preseason, but I can remember them doing that to another young, athletic quarterback that was drafted after the second round in Russell Wilson, and he just continued to improve and improve." - Bart Scott

If this situation does turn in to a changing of the guard in Dallas, it will mean that Dak Prescott has performed far beyond any realistic expectations. If that happens, so be it. It is not something that anyone could actually project.

Dallas Cowboys in good hands with rookie QB Dak Prescott - Gil Brandt,

The former Cowboys personnel man chips in with his take on the prospects for the fourth round draft pick.

While I don't anticipate Prescott having the same success as he had in the preseason, he should be able to hold the fort down in Romo's absence. And he'll have the benefit of working behind the NFL's best offensive lines, a strong running game, and security blankets in WR Dez Bryant and TE Jason Witten. I don't think a .500 record is out of the question before he hands the ball back to Tony around midseason.
In the end, this could turn out to be a huge blessing for the Cowboys. If nothing else, in two months they'll know if they have their quarterback of the future. - Gil Brandt

'Four Equals One:' Cowboys D-Line Motivated by New Slogan - David Watkins,

It is no secret that Rod Marinelli currently lacks a standout pass rusher. That is something he has known all along and the Cowboys defensive coordinator has spent the off-season devising a plan to deal with the situation.

"Four Equals One" is the new slogan for the Cowboys defensive line. Coordinator Rod Marinelli is preaching it and the players are openly talking about it at the Star. It symbolizes the idea that one guy can't apply the proper quarterback pressure by himself, and it takes all four lineman on every play.

"You can't rush as a Lone Ranger," said Marinelli. "It's not one guy rushing, it's all eight."

While there is a concern regarding the weakness, Marinelli believes that his challenge will be overcome thanks to continual waves of fresh legs rather than by having a single player break through. To accomplish his task look for more rotation than normal out of the Dallas defensive line.

Cowboys' Jerry Jones buys helicopter to ease Texas travel - Todd Archer, ESPN

They say that the difference between the men and the boys is the cost of their toys.

"Certainly it's novel because not many of us ride in helicopters, but this is multiuse, has the best power, has the best speed, has the best range. We're excited about that, and if we could just figure out a way for it to help us make some first downs, we'd really appreciate it." - Jerry Jones

With the traffic in the Metroplex if I had Jerry's money I would have done this a long time ago.

Cowboys restructure Witten's contract, creating $2.75 million in cap space - Brandon George, Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Cowboys are constantly restructuring contracts as part of their efforts to stay within the NFL's salary cap guidelines. As we all know by now, Stephen Jones is a master at creatively structuring things so that the team can navigate the waters effectively while still maintaining compliance with the rules. The team figures these restructures in to the contracts when they initially negotiate to allow them to generate cap space as needed. It is a business model that they are very comfortable with, and one that allows them the flexibility to make moves when they want or need to.

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