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NFL Playoff Bracket: NFC & AFC Full Schedule Now Available

The latest up-to-date playoff scenarios and seeds.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: The full NFL playoff schedule has been set.


Saturday, January 7

AFC: 4:35 PM (ET) Oakland at Houston (ESPN, with simulcast on ABC)

NFC: 8:15 PM (ET) Detroit at Seattle (NBC)

Sunday, January 8

AFC: 1:05 PM (ET) Miami at Pittsburgh (CBS)

NFC: 4:40 PM (ET) New York Giants at Green Bay (FOX)


Saturday, January 14​

​NFC: 4:35 PM (ET) Seattle/Green Bay/New York Giants at Atlanta (FOX)

AFC: 8:15 PM (ET) Houston/Oakland/Miami at New England (CBS)

Sunday, January 15

AFC: 1:05 PM (ET) Pittsburgh/Houston/Oakland at Kansas City (NBC)

NFC: 4:40 PM (ET) Green Bay/New York Giants/Detroit at Dallas (FOX)

The NFC (FOX, 3:05 PM ET) and AFC (CBS, 6:40 PM ET) Championship Games will be played on Sunday, January 22.

Super Bowl LI will take place on Sunday, February 5 (FOX, 6:30 PM ET).

End Update

The playoff picture is coming into focus. Here is what we know right now, with the outcome of the afternoon/evening games still to come.

In the NFC, the Cowboys are the top seed, nothing changed based on their loss to the Eagles, we already knew that going into the game. The Atlanta Falcons are trying to secure the second seed in their game against the New Orleans Saints. If they win, they are second, if they lose the Seahawks can grab the spot by beating the San Francisco 49ers. If both Atlanta and Seattle lose, Detroit can be the second seed if they beat Green Bay tonight.

As for the battle for the NFC North title and the wild-card spot, it comes down to the Washington and New York game, plus the Detroit and Green Bay game. If Washington beats New York, they will be the final wild-card unless the Packers and Lions tie (unlikely). If that tie happens then Washington is out. The winner of the Packers and Lions game wins the NFC North and the loser will either be out if Washington wins, or in as a wild-card if Washington loses.

In the AFC, the New England Patriots secured the top seed with their win over the Miami Dolphins. What is still in question is the second seed and the AFC West title. The Raiders will claim both if they beat the Broncos. If the Raiders lose and the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Sand Diego Chargers, they get the AFC West and the number two seed.

The only question in the wild-card for the AFC is whether it will be the Chiefs or the Raiders who are a wild-card and not the AFC West champs. The Miami Dolphins will play the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh in one game, while the AFC West’s wild-card team will play the Houston Texans in Houston.

Up to date standings:

  1. Patriots (14-2, AFC East)
  2. Raiders (12-3, AFC West)
  3. Steelers (11-5, AFC North)
  4. Texans (9-7, AFC South)
  5. Chiefs (11-4, Wild Card)
  6. Dolphins (10-6, Wild Card)
  1. Cowboys (13-3, NFC East)
  2. Falcons (10-5, NFC South)
  3. Seahawks (9-5-1, NFC West)
  4. Packers (9-6, NFC North)
  5. Giants (10-5, Wild Card)
  6. Lions (9-6, Wild Card)

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