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Dak Prescott Vows Defeat Will Be The Building Block For Future Success In Dallas

The season is over, but can be the foundation of future success.

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Quarterback Dak Prescott summed up the feelings for the Dallas Cowboys locker room and fans around the country in just a couple short words.

"It sucks." - Dak Prescott

Yes, Dak it does suck, but it may also be the moment that becomes the cornerstone of the next wave of Cowboys success.

What matters now is how Dak and his fellow Cowboys respond to the challenge. Thus far we have seen the rookie passer lead his teammates to step up each time that they have faced adversity, and there is little reason to doubt that Dallas will handle the setback dealt by the Green Bay Packers any differently than they have the other tests that have come their way.

Each misstep along the way can be either a stumbling block or a stepping stone to bigger and better things. It was that way for Dak at Mississippi State and it will be the same in the National Football League. The Cowboys quarterback is the leader of the team on the field and everything will start with him.

That process has already begun. A tornado watch delayed the team’s departure from AT&T Stadium after the game, and Prescott took the opportunity to focus himself on taking his club to the next level. It will not be easy, but the team and its leader now have added incentive to finish what they started.

“It's going to allow the chip on our shoulder, the chip on my shoulder, just to grow and us to get better and improve."

Dak came into the season with that chip in place because of his late selection in the 2016 draft, and it motivated him to have what is arguably the best rookie season ever for a quarterback. It is purely speculation at this point, but who can deny that Prescott is motivated by that which sets him back. He has proven that he can and will respond. If past performance is an indicator of future efforts, then the Cowboys of 2017 should be something special with him at the helm.

"It's a building block. We're going to get better from it. It's going to make us better. We'll make plenty more runs."

It was not meant for Prescott to be the first rookie to lead his team to the hallowed grounds of the Super Bowl, but he is determined that his time will come soon. He knows what needs to happen to get the squad to where they need to be.

"As coach said, the only thing that matters is what we do now. What I do to make myself better, what I do to help my teammates get better that are going to be on this team in the future. Just stay focused.”

Now he intends to make it happen.

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