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Dallas Cowboys Must Maximize The Value Of Tony Romo

One thing is certain if someone wants Tony Romo, Cowboys better make sure they get significant value for him.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the biggest storyline of the offseason will center on the decision that will be made in regards to Tony Romo. Not only has he been a hot button issue for the majority of the 2016 season but he will most likely dominate the newsfeeds again once the free agency period begins. No, Tony Romo is not a free agent for any of those that may have been living under a rock this year. However, with the emergence of Dak Prescott, that leaves Romo in a limbo of sorts.

There are so many variables that will play into this and frankly, the sole proprietor of this entire ordeal will be Tony Romo. At 37 when the season begins, coming off another major back injury to go with the other handful of complications he’s had, he could decide just to hang it up. Then again, he’s always been one of the fiercest competitors and should be allowed to dictate how his NFL career ends. Most assuredly, he will have a tremendous amount of say as to what his 2017 fate will be.

Despite all of his accomplishments and everything that he’s given to the city of Dallas and his many adoring fans; the Cowboys should have some say as well. This is by no means a slight to everything this man has done throughout his 14-year career, it’s simply business.

Make no mistake, this is a business decision for the Cowboys’ brass and one that they should treat delicately. Tony Romo has value to the National Football League. Nothing with value should ever be given away for peanuts. The Cowboys will do everything in their power to ensure his happiness, but Romo still has value to the Cowboys as well. Where we stand today, the Dallas Cowboys are the envy of the league at the quarterback position.

Realistically speaking, there are only three options; keep, cut, or trade him. Let’s go ahead and eliminate the second option. There is no way the Cowboys should be willing to just outright cut him. Sure, that may be a huge favor to him but that would incur $19.6 million in dead money, saving only about $5 million on the cap. It’s lunacy to just eat that much money and would not be helpful to a team that deems themselves a contender. That leaves two options and that’s to either keep or trade him.

The more you look at the realities of the situation, keeping him doesn’t seem all that insane. After all, you would continue to know that you have two capable quarterbacks in 2017 should you need that. Also, keep in mind that the dead space gets considerably better in 2018 where it’s only about $9 million and down to $3.2 the following year, that’s of course if there are no more restructures. That does mean that they will have to pay him handsomely to be an insurance policy and he may not want any part of that.

Still, he would be a valuable asset to have in case of emergency.  I’m positive that folks have got more than their fill of Mark Sanchez. Re-signing Kellen Moore is certainly an option but that wouldn’t be much more insurance than the revolving backups over the past several seasons. Honestly, the open market isn’t all too enticing either

The other option and still the most likely scenario is trying to find a trade partner that needs a quality quarterback. For this to work it’s going to have to be mutually beneficial to both clubs. The quarterback position is such that even If you got one, you’re always searching for your next one. If you don’t have one, you’re desperate for anything that remotely resembles one. There will be teams that are very interested in his services. Some teams will be those that have many pieces in place but just need a quarterback to take them over the top.

Whether it’s Denver, New York, Kansas City or even Houston (again) looking for a better option than what they have, it has to make sense. The worst thing would be to give up such an insurance policy for a mid-round pick. These Cowboys seem to run a tighter ship than just a third round pick or a couple of late round picks can suffice. Its supply and demand and the Dallas Cowboys are the ones with the supply, which means they can dictate the demand.

If a team comes calling about number nine than they better be willing to make an entertaining offer for the four-time Pro Bowler. He has way too much value to be shipped off for peanuts and it’s up the Cowboys to realize his value and maximize it to its fullest potential. As the offseason rolls along, his value will become more clear and we’ll begin to see what his worth truly is. Maybe it’s a little off-putting to talk about squeezing what you can out of a guy that gave you his all. Without a doubt, the two sides will do their best to make it a win-win situation and keep their former face of the franchise as happy as they can. That said, the NFL is a bottom-line business and Tony Romo is an asset of high value, there’s no way he should be looked at as anything but.

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