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Vegas Offering Odds On Tony Romo's Next Team; Broncos, Texans Top Landing Spots

Vegas knows what's next for Tony Romo.

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It'll be quite a while before we get clarity on Tony Romo's future, but that isn't stopping anybody from chiming in on that future. One of the more recent voices on the topic is Troy Aikman, who joined The Rich Eisen Show on Monday and said he couldn't imagine Romo returning to Dallas.

"I can't imagine anyone who's had the success that he's had that would be content remaining in Dallas and going through the offseason, going into training camp, going into 2017 as the backup quarterback. I can only imagine how difficult this year has been and had been for him, and the thought of having to endure that again, I just can't imagine that happening. So, I would have to believe that he would still want to come back and play, and so my guess is he'll be somewhere else but I don't think it's a departure that Jerry Jones has completely come to grips with. I don't know that, but I don't think that Jerry would want to see Romo go elsewhere."

Even Vegas is trying to get in on the Romo action, and the sportsbooks have released odds on which team Romo could land with next season.

Who Will Tony Romo Play For Next Season?
Team Betonline odds Bovada odds
Denver Broncos +250 +475
Houston Texans +400 +300
Chicago Bears +500 +750
Buffalo Bills +600 +500
New York Jets +600 +750
Dallas Cowboys +800 +1000
Kansas City Chiefs +800 +1200
Arizona Cardinals +1000 - -
San Francisco 49ers - - +1000
Jacksonville Jaguars - - +1000
Miami Dolphins +1400 +1200
Retired - - +1800

Before Romo moves anywhere, the Cowboys first have to figure out what to do with Romo from a cap perspective. One option that has received a lot of airtime is the possibility of making Romo a June 1 cut, but explains why a June 1 cut is not a very likely option:

This is a popular idea because of the fact that the June 1 cut allows a team to spread the dead money charge across two seasons. In this case Dallas would take a $10.7 million cap charge in 2017 and an $8.9 million charge in 2018 rather than a $19.6 million charge all in 2017. The difficulty with this scenario is that Dallas would be forced to carry Romo on their roster at a $24.7 million cap charge through June 1.

A much more likely option is that Romo will get cut or traded by March. Such a scenario would incur $19.6 million in dead money charges for the Cowboys, but it would make Romo a very attractive trade target, as the acquiring team would get Romo on a non-guaranteed three-year contract with a cap hit of $14 million in 2017 (2018: $19.5 million, 2019: $20.5 million). The acquiring team could of course also rip up the old contract and create a new one from scratch.

But getting a QB of Romo's quality, even with the perceived injury risk, at a non-guaranteed $14 million is a steal in this day and age, especially for teams that are unsettled or in transition at QB. The only question is how much the Cowboys could get in return for Romo.

Jason Fitzgerald of OverTheCap suggests Romo could fetch a conditional second-round pick for the Cowboys.

Even though teams would know that Dallas wants to move Romo I think the Cowboys could still have enough leverage to get a second round pick that would likely have 2018 draft conditions attached to it based on Romos playing time and/or performance.

Back in November, Tom Pelissero of USA Today Sports talked to six NFL executives to gauge Romo’s trade value and got a wide range of answers.

One GM guessed the Cowboys could get as much as a second-round draft pick, with the caveat Romo may have trouble passing a physical. Another executive predicted the Cowboys could ask for a second or third. Another said he thought a third was the ceiling.

Several other executives predicted the compensation would be much lower — perhaps a conditional late-round pick, which could become more based on performance and playing time.

One even guessed they’d get a sixth-rounder only because somebody will be desperate.

Unless Romo's back issues force him to retire (there's a school of thought that believes Romo may be dealing with more than he or the team have let on so far), there's a good chance he ends up with another team next year.

Vegas has weighed in with the odds for potential landing spots, where do you think Romo will end up next season?

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