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The Cowboys New “Triplets” Aren’t Who You Think They Are

The new version of the Dallas Cowboys will have three amazing players that could help bring about great things for years to come, but they might not be three you are thinking of.

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jerry Jones is no stranger to providing up some nice sound bites as he offers up his take on his Dallas Cowboys. In past years, he developed a tendency to showcase a rather high level of optimism. So much in fact, that many have nicknamed this persona as “Jerry Poppins” as it sometimes could be a little magical and it’s certainly not anything you’d want to take to the bank. But recently, Jerry has simmered down and has been more discriminate as to what he chooses to share with the media. In the wake of the Cowboys disappointing defeat last Sunday, Jerry was quick to remind everyone that there are plenty of reasons to be excited about when it comes to the future of this team. And he spoke about the Cowboys new “triplets” as the foundation of this team however, it might not be the same three guys you are thinking of.

Jerry had this to say about his bright new star:

"I think Jaylon begins our look to the future as a really outstanding talent, what you look for in building a team around. If I pictured some triplets right now, it might be Jaylon, Dak and Zeke," Jones said recently. "Jaylon is of the stature. I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’m not getting out over my skis. He’s the real deal. I’m confident of that."

We all saw first hand what Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott brought to the team this year. Both rookies were the talk of the league and they hit the ground running and helped lead the team to a franchise tying best, 13-3 record. Despite huge expectations from Zeke, the Cowboys rookie running back from Ohio State proved to everyone that he was worth the investment. He spent the better part of the season running through, jumping over, and blowing by defenses across the league. And as great as Elliott was, the surprise breakout of Prescott has completely changed the dynamic of this organization. The hourglass that was once dwindling as father time had been creeping up on Tony Romo has been completely flipped over. New life has been given to the organization as the team has found Romo’s successor.

But that is only two-thirds of the superstar trio. The third one hasn’t even been revealed to the world yet. This remarkable 2016 draft hasn’t completely shown it’s full value yet, if you can believe that. The Cowboys drafted Jaylon Smith with the 34th pick in the 2016 draft, but he missed the entire season rehabilitating from a knee injury. The selection of Smith raised a lot of eyebrows last April as it was clear he would not add anything to the 2016 season. Some people had written this pick off. But good things come to those who wait and the Cowboys ability to be patient will bring about great things for 2017.

Smith is optimistic that he’ll be at 100% for the upcoming season.

"I'm getting my 4.4 speed back, I'll tell you that," Smith said. "That's how well I'm moving. You wouldn't be able to tell if you saw me run."

If Jaylon is able to perform anywhere close to the level he demonstrated at Notre Dame, he is going to bolster the Cowboys defense in a big way. He is a very strong and explosive athlete and can be one of those type of linebackers that just don’t come along very often. Sean Lee just earned All Pro honors for the first time in his career. He was clearly the best defensive player the Cowboys had on the field. The only thing better than having Sean Lee, is having two Sean Lees. The addition of Jaylon Smith is going to strengthen the Cowboys defense in a big way.

Imagine this - in a few years people could be talking about these three amazing young superstars from the Cowboys and not a single one of them were on the team this time last year.

Thank you 2016 NFL Draft. Thank you very much.

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