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Top 10 Moments Of The Dallas Cowboys 2016 Season

There have been some invigorating moments this season for the Cowboys, but let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of our favorites

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Ed Note: Heavy GIFs coming, patience is your friend!

The 2016 season has brought about so many great moments for Dallas Cowboys fans, but there have been some that have made us jump out of our chairs. There have been no shortage of thrilling plays, great comebacks, and fun-filled touchdown celebrations. Here are the top 10 greatest moments of the season.

#10 A Lucky Turn Of Events

The Cowboys had a 10-6 lead with just 45 seconds left in the first half. The Green Bay Packers were hoping to get the ball back if they could stop Dallas on a third and short who were backed up deep in their own territory. But instead of that happening, Lucky Whitehead took a jet sweep 28 yards altering the team’s plans. Instead of just running out the clock, the Cowboys had other ideas. The offense would score two plays later, throwing water on any heat the Packers were trying to generate. The Cowboys took a 17-6 lead into halftime and never looked back..

#9 That Breakaway Speed

Darren McFadden had a great season for the Cowboys last year, but he just wasn’t able to make big plays when he got in space. DeMarco Murray also lacked that home run speed. We had heard all the hype about Ezekiel Elliott having that ability, but it was great to finally see it for ourselves. Zeke broke loose for 60 yards to open up the second half and crush any hopes the Bengals had of getting back into the game.

#8 Lee With A Game Saving Tackle

The Cowboys didn’t have any defensive touchdowns this season, but they had several players getting their mitts on some key splash plays. No one showed up more often than All Pro linebacker Sean Lee. Dallas was trailing Philadelphia by seven and the Eagles were driving for another score. Already in field goal position, the Eagles were trying to convert a huge 3rd and 8 play when Lee was shot out of a cannon and tackled Darren Sproles for a seven yard loss, pushing them out of field goal range. The Eagles were forced to punt and the Cowboys were able to tie it up on the next drive.

#7 The All Purpose Punter

Everyone loves Dan Bailey, but the Cowboys have another kicker that serves the team quite well. He was a hero for a day in training camp when he hit the star logo to get the team out of meeting the next day. And he got a lot of praise for laying the wood on Detroit’s punt returner Andre Roberts. But his biggest play came when he sprinted down the field on a fake punt. Down 10 points, the Cowboys were able to steal a possession and make it a one score game. Look at the wheels on that punter!

And this one comes with a bonus because the reaction of the Eagles defense on the sidelines was priceless.

Time to get back to work, boys.

#6 Zeke Jumps At The Opportunity

Zeke rushed for 15 touchdowns this season, but none was more humorous than when the rookie running back decided to hop into the Salvation Army kettle. It just brings such a smile to your face to root for a team that is having as much fun as these guys are.

It not only brought a smile, but also brought a lot of extra money to support a great cause.

In the roughly 12 1/2 hours after Elliott's jump, until 10:30 a.m. ET on Monday morning, the Salvation Army took in $182,000 in online donations, said Lt. Col. Ron Busroe.

#5 The Blue Screen Of Death

The Pittsburgh Steelers had the Cowboys offense on the ropes. Already with a 12-3 lead, the Cowboys faced a 2nd and 18. But with one swift flick of the wrist and some super fast feet, the Cowboys got themselves back into the game. Zeke would take a screen pass 83 yards for a touchdown. Come on, how cool was that?

#4 Romo, Romo, Wherefore Art Thou Romo?

It was a long wait, but fans finally got to see Tony Romo in action. Regardless of where you stand on the quarterback debate, it had to be a great feeling to see Romo come out and throw a touchdown pass against the Eagles. It may have been over a year since he’s played in a regular season game, but he just went out there and reminded us all how good he can be. Yep, that’s the guy I remember. The kid’s still got it.

#3 Now, They’re Just Toying With You

Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan has been rather creative in some of the plays he’s dialed up this season, but when Dez Bryant threw a touchdown pass to Jason Witten, that was just too much. Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

#2 The Comeback Kid

When the Cowboys faced off against the Eagles in Week 8 it looked like their winning streak was finally going to come to an end. Prescott struggled early on as the Eagles defense did a great job of keeping pressure on him. But Dak wouldn’t waver. He just kept at it, leading the Boys to a game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter and capped it off with the game winner in overtime. He even paid homage to Romo by doing a little Houdini act to escape from pressure, twirl around, and throw a touchdown pass to Witten.

#1 Bursting Through The Steel Curtain

If you got excited the first time that Zeke scored a late fourth quarter go-ahead touchdown against the Steelers, then you probably went ballistic on the second one. It looked like the Cowboys had blown the game after Ben Roethlisberger hit Antonio Brown for a touchdown to give the Steelers a 30-29 lead. But the Cowboys weren’t done. The offense kept fighting and their All Pro running back ran through his All Pro offensive line. It was an exhilarating finish to a remarkable game.

Bonus Highlight

The Coach Of The Year

Jason Garrett says a lot of intelligent things. And he’s such a likable guy that his players are always praising him. But it’s not just his words that do the talking. Garrett is a competitor and he has earned his players respect. And during training camp, he gave his troops another reason to love him when he earned his guys a later curfew.

Those are my favorite moments of the season. What about you?

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