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Predicting the Dallas Cowboys remaining schedule after a 2-3 start, can they make playoffs?

Can the Cowboys turn it around after the bye?

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys franchise just can’t get comfortable with success over the past decade or so. Every time they put together a brilliant season, they follow it up with something mediocre to bad. In 2003 they went 10-6, only to go 6-10 the next year. 2007 was a 13-3 season, 2008 was a 9-7 season. They were back up in 2009, going 11-5, only to go 6-10 the next season. A 12-4 2014 campaign was quickly followed by a 4-12 campaign. That’s a pattern no one wants to continue, especially since the Cowboys went 13-3 last year. History says 2017 will not be kind, and at 2-3 so far, they are on track to follow up another double-digit win season with a stinker.

But there is plenty of time to turn it around. Let’s take a look at their remaining schedule and predict how things will end up.

San Francisco - The Cowboys return to action after a bye week to play the 49ers. That game is on the road, but the ‘Niners are in rebuilding mode. They are 0-5 so far, even though they have played some close games, even going into overtime twice. Still, the Cowboys need this win and they are the better team. Cowboys win. 3-3 record.

Washington - They have been better than many may have thought given their chaotic offseason. This is a tough one for Dallas as it is on the road. Washington’s two losses are to 4-1 Philadelphia and 5-0 Kansas City. Cowboys lose. 3-4 record.

Kansas City - The Chiefs are the class of the NFL right now. By all rights, they should get the nod here but the Cowboys pull an upset at home. Cowboys win. 4-4 record.

Atlanta - Things don’t get any easier for Dallas, they have to go on the road and face a team that is in the thick of the NFC race. It’s too tall of an order. Cowboys lose. 4-5 record.

Philadelphia - This is the start of a nice home streak for the ‘Boys. The Cowboys finally start coming together as a team and knock off the Eagles. Cowboys win. 5-5 record.

Los Angeles (Chargers) - On Thanksgiving, the Cowboys gobble up a Chargers team that looks pretty bad. The Cowboys are getting some momentum going. Cowboys win. 6-5 record.

Washington - Dallas hosts Washington on a Thursday night. A confident Cowboys team is too much to handle, striding to a third straight win. Cowboys win. 7-5 record.

New York (Giants) - Can the Cowboys keep their win streak going? Yes they can, even on the road, as the hapless Giants have pretty much packed it in. The Giants will already be looking towards 2018. Cowboys win. 8-5 record.

Oakland - They may look weak now, but the Raiders will be much better by this point in the season. The Cowboys have to face them on the road. Dallas’ win streak comes to a crashing stop. Cowboys lose. 8-6 record.

Seattle - Always a tough team to play, but the Cowboys get them at AT&T stadium and know they are battling for their playoff lives. An early Christmas gift for Dallas fans. Cowboys win. 9-6 record.

Philadelphia - It all comes down to this game. It’s a win-and-you-are-in game for Dallas, and the optimist says they win even though they are on the road. Cowboys victory puts them in the playoffs with a 10-6 record.

That’s one take on the rest of the Cowboys season, whats your take? Tell us their final record and whether they will make the playoffs.

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