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Ezekiel Elliott, NFLPA ask for rehearing from the 5th Circuit Court on injunction

The latest on the Ezekiel Elliott case.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

After the NFL won the latest round of the court battle with Ezekiel Elliott and the NFLPA, there were multiple options for a counter-move from the NFLPA. They have decided that they will file for a rehearing in the 5th Circuit Court.

They are asking for an en banc rehearing, meaning all of the judges would be involved instead of just the three that led to a 2-1 split decision in the last ruling. Whether they will get that rehearing or not is up for debate, considering that the 5th Circuit has only granted six en banc hearings in their last 200 requests.

The NFLPA, in conjunction with this, is asking for an immediate recall of the previous mandate (the ruling that vacated the previous injunction and sent the case back to be dismissed). They contend they were assured they would have 14 days to file for the rehearing before the mandate would go into effect. Instead, it went into effect immediately.

If granted the en banc rehearing, Elliott would again be able to play. If denied, the NFLPA still has other avenues to pursue like refiling the case in Texas or in New York,

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