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BTB’s OchoLive: Can the Cowboys rundown the Eagles in the NFC East?

Check out the latest show.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Another episode of BTB’s OchoLive is ready for your viewing. In today’s episode RJ dedicates most of the show to talking about the Cowboys playoff chances, and the chances of chasing down the Eagles. It’s pretty obvious the Eagles are the class of the NFC East so far in 2017, and everybody else is chasing them. RJ talks specifically about the next five weeks which are going to be crucial if the Cowboys hope to run down the Eagles. He discusses the two team’s schedules and how the Cowboys have some must-win games coming up.

RJ is on it. He’s covering it all. Check it out and big shoutout to RJ for creating the show. Also, check in every afternoon for the show live on the Facebook page.

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