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10 thoughts on the NFL: Aaron Rodgers hurt, Navorro Bowman to the Cowboys?

The Cowboys weren’t playing, but there was plenty of interesting things going on in the NFL.

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys were on a bye this week, but there was a lot of football action going on around the league. Here are 10 observations from this week’s action...

1. Hate to say it, but the Eagles are good

It was painful to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play so well on Thursday night. They’ve been a team that had a strong defensive front, but were sketchy on the back end and didn’t have an offense that was consistent enough to be a winning football team. But things have changed. First off, Carson Wentz has been outstanding. In the last two games, he’s scored a total of seven touchdowns, made great plays with his legs, and has helped his offense score 28+ points in both of them (Hmm, sound familiar?). I mean, who wouldn’t be lucky to have a quarterback who has done that?

But it’s not just Wentz that is playing well. The Eagles defense as a whole is making plays. But whether it be by correlation or coincidence, having offensive tackle Lane Johnson on the field has made the Eagles a winning team. Last year the Eagles were 5-1 with Johnson and 2-8 without him. In fact, over the last two seasons with Johnson in the lineup, the Eagles have a record of 9-2. Wentz and company have the offense rolling when he has good protection.

2. Bad break for Aaron Rodgers

Last week, the Cowboys got beat by the sensational Aaron Rodgers. For some reason, Rodgers just seems to elevate his game at a new level whenever he waltzes into AT&T Stadium. The Green Bay Packers were back in action on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings in what could have some serious playoff seeding implications, but the dynamic of the game suddenly changed when the Packers star quarterback went down with an injury.

Brett Hundley would step in to replace Rodgers, but the Packers offense wouldn’t be able to do anything and fall to the Vikings, 23-10. If Rodgers is lost for an extended period of time, that could really hurt the Packers playoff chances.

That’s blasphemous, Marcus. Why would you say something as terrible as that?

3. The NFC remains unimpressive

Besides the upstart Eagles, nobody else in the conference is making big splashes. The Packers would’ve been one of them, however without Rodgers at the helm, they are a very different team.

The Miami Dolphins upset the Atlanta Falcons (now 3-2).

Hmm, I wonder who was coaching that Dolphins team way back in 2005?

The New Orleans Saints beat the Detroit Lions and are now 3-3.

The Washington Redskins (now 3-2) narrowly escaped an upset at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers.

The Eagles are the only team in the NFC with one loss. As far as the Cowboys 2-3 record is concerned, this hole is nothing to have to dig out of. It’s really just about what type of team they are going forward.

4. No touchdown for Austin Seferian-Jenkins Hingle McCringleberry

What an odd replay review in the New England Patriots/New York Jets game. Jets tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins-Tyroil-Smoochie-Wallace appeared to have a touchdown near the pylon, but when they reviewed it - not only was not a touchdown, but they awarded the ball to New England as a touchback.

As you can see, the Patriots stripped the ball loose from the hands of Seferian-Jenkins-D'Squarius-Green, Jr. just as he hit the pylon. That’s enough to treat it like a loose ball bouncing out of the end zone. Weird call, but these three got together and collectively made the decision.

5. Cowboys should have traded for Adrian Peterson...

is something I would never say. But brace yourself as this type of narrative will leak out of Cowboys Nation. Peterson looked sharp in his Arizona debut. He would rush for 134 yards and score two touchdowns.

Too bad he didn’t show up a week earlier when the Cardinals played the Eagles. Will the addition of Peterson be enough to help put the Cardinals on a winning track? That’s tough to say, but Cowboys fans have to enjoy the idea of another team in the mix in the NFL West to beat up on each other and keep those losses coming.

6. Where is Navarro Bowman going to go?

Everyone has been talking about where veteran All Pro linebacker, Navorro Bowman will land after his release from the 49ers. Some people think he’d help bolster the Cowboys defense after they have been exposed in the running game on three occasions this year. Injuries to both Sean Lee and Anthony Hitchens has hurt the linebacker unit and Jaylon Smith isn’t moving around well enough to be very helpful. Could Bowman end up going to Dallas?

The Cowboys play Oakland later in the season so where Bowman lands could have an impact on Dallas one way or another.

7. Who is C.J. Beathard?

It was fun watching the Redskins come close to giving the 49ers their first win and a lot of that had to do with the play of new quarterback, C.J. Beathard. Now, I don’t know anything about this guy except that he replaced Brian Hoyer and threw for 245 yards and a touchdown. It looks like the 49ers are rolling with him going forward.

Cowboys fans have been looking forward to finally facing a quarterback that is not very good and Hoyer was supposed to be that guy. Let’s just hope this Beathard isn’t some kind of miracle worker against Dallas next week.

8. Rookie running backs falling

It was terrible watching Vikings lose their star running back, Dalvin Cook, to a knee injury. And on Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars saw their star back, Leonard Fournette, go down with what looks like a hyper-extended knee.

Later, it was said to just be an ankle injury.

9. A good quarterback is like a precious metal

More and more Cowboys fans are thanking their lucky stars that we get to cheer for Dak Prescott on Sundays. Lions fans weren’t so pleased with what they got on Sunday from their $27 million-per-year quarterback Matthew Stafford. He would turn the ball over five times on the day. He would also have 12 passes batted at the line of scrimmage.

10. The last undefeated team falls

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Kansas City Chiefs giving the Chiefs their first loss of the year. And with that, we celebrate...

What stood out to you from today’s NFL action?

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