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Report: Former 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman is going to visit the Dallas Cowboys

Want another linebacker in Dallas? NoVorro Bowman is making a visit.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have had some issues with their linebacker corps this season. Anthony Hitchens was hurt (he’s back now), Jaylon Smith had to start and has been less than great, and then Sean Lee got hurt (he should be back soon).

As a result, Cowboys fans everywhere raised their eyebrows when the San Francisco 49ers released NaVorro Bowman this past Friday. The “let’s sign (recently released big name)” argument normally is a bit of a hollow one, but this one certainly has some merit.

If you’re interested in NaVorro Bowman joining the Dallas Cowboys, then get ready to get excited. Bowman will officially be visiting the Cowboys.

Word surfaced on Sunday that the 49ers initially had an agreement to trade Bowman to the New Orleans Saints in exchanged for a seventh-round draft pick, but Bowman wanted to choose his new team and they obliged by releasing him.

This is interesting on its own, and it says that Bowman doesn’t want to play for the Saints. He clearly wants to play for what he views as a contender, and that the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys are first on his list says a lot.

Many would say that neither of those teams are contenders based on the first few weeks of the 2017 season. It is interesting to note though that Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone on Sunday, making the NFC a far more wide open race than it was before. This could legitimately be a factor in Bowman’s decision as the Cowboys theoretically no longer have the Packers to go through.

Bowman was, of course, Sean Lee’s teammate in college at Penn State. A reunion would be a great story, and it would give the Cowboys some options where they’re struggling defensively.

Should Bowman choose to play for the Dallas Cowboys then he’ll have a unique opportunity ahead of him. His first game as a non-49er would be at the home of the 49ers as the Dallas Cowboys travel to San Francisco in Week 7. If he does choose one of these two, he’ll play the other when the Cowboys visit the Raiders on December 17th.

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