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Four moves the Cowboys need to make to improve their post-bye level of play

Here are some things the Cowboys need to make sure to do.

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys suffered through a pretty chaotic bye week, with players being released, players retiring, and players being suspended (or more accurately re-suspended). What the Cowboys really need is to get back on the football field, and when they do they need to up their game. The uneven 2-3 start is not going to cut it going forward. So here are four moves they need to make to help ensure success the rest of the way.

Give more time to Brice Butler at the expense of Terrance Williams: Yes, the dropped pass that led to a pick-six for Green Bay is still on everybody’s mind. But that’s not the only reason the Cowboys should plug in more Brice Butler for Terrance Williams. Butler has been explosive this season. He’s been the Cowboys big-play threat. He can help stretch out the defenses, especially if Ezekiel Elliott is out and the Cowboys need help springing their backup running backs. Give Butler more than a couple of targets a game.

Give more time to Xavier Woods at the expense of Jeff Heath: This one is something everyone is calling for. Jason Garrett and the Cowboys coaching staff have been sticking with Heath, but they need to stop. They gave Jourdan Lewis a shot and that turned out well. Let’s see if it would work for Woods. Or they could also throw some snaps Chidobe Awuzie’s way if he can stay healthy. Either one is fine, as long as Heath sees less time on defense and more time on special teams.

Have Dak Prescott run the ball at least a few times a game on read-option plays: Dak has scored a couple of touchdowns on the read-option, but for the most part he always hands the ball off to Zeke. If you watch the replays, sometimes he looks like he would have a lot of open field if he kept the ball. Of course we don’t want him doing it too much, but every once in a while would work. He would likely get some nice yards, and he would force defenses to not key on the running back exclusively. Nothing drives a defense crazier than when the QB picks up an easy six yards then slides on first down.

Get David Irving in more one-on-one situations: The Cowboys played Irving at the 1-tech and as a NT in three-down linemen formations a lot against Green Bay. That’s okay, as long as they figure out ways to get him singled up. Either through last-second shifts, fake blitzes or other stunts, they need to get him on either the guard or the center without a double-team, because it’s almost unfair when he is single blocked. They should also get him out on the end every once in a while. He’s a beast, so don’t let him get buried in the wash of center-guard combo blocks all game.

All right, your turn. What moves or alterations would you like to see the Cowboys make.

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