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Ezekiel Elliott granted temporary restraining order, should play this Sunday

Ezekiel Eliott and the NFLPA win this round of the courtroom battle.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys should have Ezekiel Elliott on the field this Sunday, and perhaps for longer, as the courts have granted him a temporary restraining order. The ruling came down on Tuesday night after an afternoon hearing in a New York court.

The judge who heard the case was subbing in for the regular judge who is away on vacation, so the restraining order will remain in effect until the returning judge rules on a more forceful preliminary injunction. The temporary restraining order will be in effect until October 30th, but could become irrelevant should the new judge issue a ruling before that time.

So sometime in the very near future, Elliott, the NFLPA and the NFL will be going through this process again before the new judge. The NFL will be anxious to appeal a decision if it doesn’t go in their favor once the regular judge returns and issues a ruling. But for now, Elliott should be playing this Sunday in San Francisco and possibly the following week depending on the timeline of the returning judge.

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