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Report: Rookie QB Cooper Rush to be active for Cowboys on Sunday against 49ers

The Cowboys will apparently have two quarterbacks active in San Francisco. Dak Prescott, duh, and... Cooper Rush.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Cooper Rush hype is among the greatest that Dallas Cowboys fans have undergone over recent preseason history.

The quarterback from Central Michigan battled his way as an undrafted free agent quarterback all the way onto the Dallas Cowboys 53-man roster. As impressive as that already is, it’s about to hit a new level.

According to Babe Laufenberg, Cooper Rush will be active for the Dallas Cowboys in San Francisco.

Many members of Cowboys Nation have been calling for this for quite some time. In fact many wanted Cooper Rush to be the only extra quarterback kept on the team in general beyond Dak Prescott.

It’s well-known how Kellen Moore contributes to the Dallas Cowboys as a film guru/analysis of sorts. That being said, what he’s done as a quarterback on the field in the opportunities he’s had hasn’t been much to write home about. Considering that Babe’s tweet says Dak and Cooper will be the only two, Kellen Moore will then be inactive.

Cooper Rush was very impressive throughout training camp and the preseason. The Cowboys obviously have a franchise quarterback in Dak Prescott, but who his backup should be has been a debate.

Dallas has had the bye week to fully digest the first part of their season and adjust for who they want to be moving forward as things hopefully progress. Apparently they are now fine with a second-year quarterback and an undrafted rookie as their two options on gameday.

Is it a precarious thing in theory? Sure, it’s not necessarily conventional, but that doesn’t mean that Dak Prescott and Cooper Rush aren’t the two best quarterbacks on the team. They clearly are, and for the first time this season the 46-man gameday roster should reflect that.

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